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I need help!

A topic by tblac100 created 49 days ago Views: 123 Replies: 17
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I restarted this game twice (played through it twice) and got stuck at the same part; I needed to get a shovel, but first needed to bake bread.  I couldn't find mister Miller anywhere to be able to use the miller nor could I find wheat seeds to make dough. Please help: Where and how.


Hi tblac100, thank you for trying my game.

To meet Thomas Miller just leave the town on the way to the second town, the home of Thomas is on the left, crossing tiny bridge, you can see the home from the town, easy to find. Just follow the river and you will find him on the other side of the river. Thomas is working on his home garden during the day, sometimes resting on benches (on both sides of his home) and sometimes going to work in the watermill (you can find him on the way). During nights, like every NPC in the game, he is sleeping and not reachable.

Thomas will tell you where to go to find wheat seeds, will give you access to the watermill when you have the wheat seeds, and will tell you where to find Peter Baker to use the bakehouse to make a bread when you have the flour.

I have attached a picture, just leaving Donensbourgh town, you can see on the left the house of Thomas Miller.

Let me know if you need any further help.

Thank you. I will look for him and tell you my finds .

Uuh, I'm here at Richards and a prompt to talk isn't showing up. I've even at his house and see him??. . 


Richard Hayward is another guy, he is living in Kilknoloch, he is not the owner of the watermill. You are looking for Thomas Miller, living in Donensbourgh. If you already talked with Thomas, ask him about where to find wheat seeds. Keep in mind that dialogs and story is progressing according to the player knowledge, so you cannot ask a NPC about a bucket if you don't know you need a bucket (makes sense), so to "unlock" sentences on NPCs you need to ask about them to another NPCs, just be sure to ask and read the whole conversation from any NPC you find, you don't need to run from here to there without any sense, as I said, you will not have the option to talk about something that you don't know yet, so just running randomly in the map finding NPCs will not help.

If you need more help, you can keep writing here of just join discord channel for faster response.

Welp, it was a BUG. I saved my progressed and then left and  reopened the game and now I can talk to him. ;/


Thank you, I will have a look at this. It's an early version, alpha stage, so expects crashes and bugs. Anyway, thank you for reporting it. I hope I can publish a new version this week with some bugs fixed.

Oh an update. Well, I have you followed so I'll be looking forward to it.

Hahaha, I had to do the same for Cecily. What a distinct bug that won't go away. Welp, deeeevs.


Just note it's not "devs" but just solo developer doing everything: models, textures, code, gameplay, dialogs, shaders, audio, UI, web, logo, animations, .... and I'm even providing the game for free. As I said, it's alpha version, sorry you found a bug.

I can help you out.


Thank you. No help needed on development. Just enjoy the game and report any issue you found.

So uhm, who and where is the farm owner? Isn't it a community farm? (Gilbert isn't saying anything towards letting my farm onions. Thanks.


Gilbert is the owner, just you need to pay him to collect the onions. Do you have the money to pay him? Do you have the tool needed? Did you pay him already? Then go there are harvest the onions.

What a hassal I am haha. I'll check, but of course, thank you.


Just take your time to read all the dialogs, check also encyclopedia where you can read again about any NPC again or read the short description for each quest, all the info is there, just read before start running to nowhere. Good luck!

Yeah but wth. I have a hoe, I payed him a while ago and even am carrying 48 extra coins. He is on the farm and I see the unions, I click to hoe them and it says that I have to "Find the owner and agree to help him", which is something I did a while ago with Gilbert. The only prompt with Gilbert are "Where are the communal farms?" and "I don't have more questions at the moment."  I am serious, I have everything and I'm sure I did everything. Gilberrrttt, why can't I get what I paid for. ;-;