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Thank you!

I'm going to the Army so it may be canceled. ;((

Yeah but wth. I have a hoe, I payed him a while ago and even am carrying 48 extra coins. He is on the farm and I see the unions, I click to hoe them and it says that I have to "Find the owner and agree to help him", which is something I did a while ago with Gilbert. The only prompt with Gilbert are "Where are the communal farms?" and "I don't have more questions at the moment."  I am serious, I have everything and I'm sure I did everything. Gilberrrttt, why can't I get what I paid for. ;-;

What a hassal I am haha. I'll check, but of course, thank you.

So uhm, who and where is the farm owner? Isn't it a community farm? (Gilbert isn't saying anything towards letting my farm onions. Thanks.

I can help you out.

Oh an update. Well, I have you followed so I'll be looking forward to it.

Hahaha, I had to do the same for Cecily. What a distinct bug that won't go away. Welp, deeeevs.

Welp, it was a BUG. I saved my progressed and then left and  reopened the game and now I can talk to him. ;/

Uuh, I'm here at Richards and a prompt to talk isn't showing up. I've even at his house and see him??. . 

Thank you. I will look for him and tell you my finds .

I restarted this game twice (played through it twice) and got stuck at the same part; I needed to get a shovel, but first needed to bake bread.  I couldn't find mister Miller anywhere to be able to use the miller nor could I find wheat seeds to make dough. Please help: Where and how.

For one, this game is not in English, even with the English version of the download. Also, it is buggy and honestly a bit stale. I was trapped between two zombies and just stood there being hit and not dying, even after my health depleted all the way. It is lacking.