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What TTS Voices do the robots use?

A topic by Mr. Sputnik created Nov 27, 2016 Views: 2,412 Replies: 6
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AnalysisBot (Green) and Commentron(red) both have nice Text-to-Speech voices. What ones are they I know green's is Purple Shep but what the real TTS names? Anybody know them both? I believe Green's is WillFromAfar


  • Analysis-Bot: Will (from afar)
  • Commentatron: Will (Bad Guy)
You can play with them here:

Thanks :)

Deleted post

What about the Emperor's voice?


Oh, just get Commentatron's voice and set the voice shaping to -15


I'm impressed that you figured it out! :D

What about the voice for the bot that states your human's name in the single player modes? I could not find any voices that sounded quite like that one.