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Explore the town and find ways to control the residents in this adult RPG! · By SmilingDog

Kay's mind room 2

A topic by SPEEDY3003 created Jun 19, 2019 Views: 259 Replies: 4
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tried option one to let kay do it and ended up with a "limited version(?)" of lilytried the other option and nothings happening or do I miss a trigger?


Sorry, what do you mean by this? Do you mean the option for the crystal or the threesome scene?

technically both

when you interact with the crystal once you see the flashback

when you interact with it the second time you get a choice

the option let kay control her gets you to the threesome plus the "warning" that because of this your options with her are limited

if you try the other option to calm her with the serum there are no interactions with her afterwards 

so the question is if I missed something to continue on with this path or is this just the end of current content?


Oh I see! The option actually gets you the most interactions, the "warning" is mostly just a "notice" to show that there won't be as much interactions as normal due to her being a bonus girl. Sorry for the confusion. 

thanks for the explanation

still sounds like such a waste :)