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Far Blade

Far Blade 3d Pixelart Boss Rush Adventure · By Bcubedlabs

Is this project dead?

A topic by ShootOwl created Jun 17, 2019 Views: 1,165 Replies: 5
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When I supported this game in development, I expected to see some updates and progress. Nothing seems to have improved since and it appears as if you (the developer) have abandoned the project. There are complete indie games which sell for $4.99 and if this is your finished product, it certainly is not worth it (especially considering that it can be completed in under 5 minutes). Some updates will be much appreciated. 

I really enjoyed what I saw from the game. I bought it myself and love the general design. 

However, I have to agree, it looks like this game hasn't been updated for a very long time. It's kind of disheartening... Aside from the incredibly short amount of content, the camera also seemed to be bugging out in a way which really detracts from the main thing which a pretty 5 minute game has going for it: the visuals. 

If I had known that it had been so long since the last update, I wouldn't have bought it. Which is disappointing, because I think this game has so much potential to be great.

From what I have seen, the developer has already moved on to publishing another unfinished product. 

Why early access? Far Blade is a solo indie development project. All coding/art/design is done by me. I am currently using royalty free music. By going early access I will have financial support and can hear back from a community. With enough support I will be able to work with a music composer and possible add more team members. I am planning a total of 7 bosses."

Has this product been misrepresented or is it indeed still in development? 

I hope it's still in development. But it's impossible to say without any news.

The fact that the developer has already published another unfinished game is disheartening.

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Last update to the game's page was 75 days ago.

"THIS PROJECT IS ON HOLD INDEFINITELY" is now in huge all-caps writing at the top of the page. Other than that, it sounds like it's an interesting work in progress title. I'd love to see more work done toward this, but it doesn't look like that's happening at this stage. Anyone able to say how many bosses actually got finished?

One boss and the overall experience is very buggy. I requested a refund because I've paid less for better, complete games.