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From what I have seen, the developer has already moved on to publishing another unfinished product. 

Why early access? Far Blade is a solo indie development project. All coding/art/design is done by me. I am currently using royalty free music. By going early access I will have financial support and can hear back from a community. With enough support I will be able to work with a music composer and possible add more team members. I am planning a total of 7 bosses."

Has this product been misrepresented or is it indeed still in development? 

When I supported this game in development, I expected to see some updates and progress. Nothing seems to have improved since and it appears as if you (the developer) have abandoned the project. There are complete indie games which sell for $4.99 and if this is your finished product, it certainly is not worth it (especially considering that it can be completed in under 5 minutes). Some updates will be much appreciated. 

Great job with the demo so far! The art, animation and sound are all good imo. 

I noticed one grammatical error and that's when the pixie says "Your trapped" when it should be "You're trapped". 

My suggestions are to add a sound effect to go along with the characters' text chat and to have the pixie give periodic tips, especially when the player dies. I got stuck in an area where I kept falling to my death and couldn't progress any further. 

Overall I'd say a very solid demo, especially for an alpha build. Keep up the good work!

The visuals and controller support are really nice. The platform jumping and combat felt a bit difficult. Overall very promising, especially for a pre-alpha!