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La Cámara (prototype)

A topic by Leandro Dreamer created Nov 22, 2016 Views: 101
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I am quite happy to have published this game, it is only a prototype but I hope to receive enough feedback to achieve a good final verdict, this project stopped in 2014 (it happens to me as a coda "I do one project and before I finish the beginning of the other" ) But I really want to finish it and I hope your opinion, (do not forget to try it, D)
-Leandro Dreamer

It is a first person puzzles game, a prototype for now but I like to make it complete in the future, please leave a comment below and a suggestion to make it as possible;), if you play a game or make a review of the game, Please, share the link in the criticism section, I would like to see it, any contribution will be welcomed. "Enjoy the game :)"