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The Curse Of Yendor

Roguelike Loot, Magic, and Destruction! · By IBOL

want more environment sound

A topic by kuitch created Nov 22, 2016 Views: 220 Replies: 5
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i think adding more environment sound would be very nice.

footsteps(own and enemy's). some noise (the sound of rolling ball, fountain, gas vent, howl from big monsters, evil laughing from devils... and so on) and chimes (it's already there but want to hear more.)


Hey, yeah!

Sound is definitely the most important thing that hasn't been done yet.

But it will be :)

Folks can certainly come in here and make suggestions for specific sounds.




The steam version (releasing 02/17/17) indeed has much more (and better) sound and some environmental ambience as well.

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that's a great news !!

im waiting for my steam key.



If you are still still waiting for your key, then reply to the email I sent ;)

Hi IBOL, good news regardsing the environmental sounds, the game can be a bit quiet at times. If possible, I would appreciate the Steam key before the 17th also. My Steam ID is InterDimensionalOwl.