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The Legend of Zelda not fully 3D

A topic by OneDubSB created 68 days ago Views: 246 Replies: 2
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I got the rom loaded through 3dSenVR and it's mostly 2D with maybe one 3D element up in the top left corner of the screen. I see some strange lines going through the background so I'm assuming those would be the tiles. Not really sure what I did wrong. It looks great and fully 3D in the videos I've watched.  Some of the other games I've tried do actually work perfectly though. (Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, Castlevania to be specific). Excitebike acted very similar to the Legend of Zelda as well. If anyone has experienced this and knows how to help me fix it, I would be forever in your debt!!

Are you sure you used the correct game slot?

if yes then please do the following steps:

- Launch 3dSenVR -> Relink rom for Zelda -> Launch it -> Relink rom for Excitebike -> Launch it

Then please send me the output_log.txt located at:

Your home folder\AppData\LocalLow\Geod Studio\3dSenVR\output_log.txt

I will investigate what happened in your case

The problem has been solved in Discord Server.