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Feedback Request: Brinkwood, Forged in the Dark Special Abilities

A topic by ErikTheBearik created Jun 10, 2019 Views: 903 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone, apologies in advance if this thread should have gone somewhere else. I figured since it's a forged-in-the-dark game, this would be the place to post.

I'm looking for feedback on my Forged in the Dark hack, Brinkwood, especially on the "Special Abilities" section for each "Mask," though any feedback is welcome. Masks are my version of playbooks, except they're change-able from score to score. Any feedback, comment, or critique is most appreciated!

Check here for the specific section:

Or here for the current game prototype:


Left some comments, disregard the ones that ain't useful. I like the feel of this.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! You pointed out a lot of useful stuff, I'll be making some changes.

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