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singing, artists and programmers.

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There are great artists both in the cinematographic and musical field of great scope: Alice Merton, Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan, Jody Foster Shakira and others, but what could be the relationship between them and the programming? Programming is always important. Software development is also called programming. However, computers, an invention born in Europe and implemented during the Second World War (I followed the Focus channel a lot, and I had a subscription to "the sciences") was tested to save the world from its possible cancellation (Univac I) . the laptop is now a great invention. There is both Windows and Mac-Apple, the first more for those who use it in the company the second for many small artists growing in the world who manage to record a disc or publish a piece of music. I had the pleasure / regret of meeting a certain Igor from Detroit here in Italy, singer and Rap musician. Smart young man but I worried about his health and his family problems. I tried to encourage him. But as some know here, I do not understand the American language and Italian is a neo-Latin and not Anglo-Saxon language. I am a software developer. Here in Italy maybe now things are better. Then a lady at the railway station of Genoa Principe station loved Italy so much, she was moving from Los Angeles there with a huge bag and asked me, kindly, if I could help her, after a trip of more than 13 hours! What amazes me is that for a long time I hate Italian people, now called extracomunitarians,  and I would like to move to America;  she wanted to do the same thing? For me, an impossible dream. An artist? It does not matter. In public relations they are usually a landslide. Mà ... I really like this site and I make you a confidence: up until yesterday I was still using Windows XP and from tomorrow I will switch to Windows 10. I also bought a laptop without a network with Windows XP. We hope that my career can somehow begin. My woman, I should not say it but is an artist and is arrived together with Igor almost to the end of the AC Voice Production competition with Igor. Do you think a very unlucky, but beautiful, young, difficult and somewhat eccentric singer will manage to make me produce something new here? The investments you will make at (Paolo Fassin) surely this does not depend on my woman! But from you. Thank you for listening.

Paolo Fassin