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Visual Novel / Point and Click Making Tools

A topic by OwiGriffin created Jun 04, 2019 Views: 148 Replies: 3
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Does anyone know any good Programs (Downloadable or Browser based) for making Visual Novels or Point and Click games? I've been hoping to make a few games of this sort, but I have yet to find any programs to use to make such games. 



For visual novels, Ren'Py is the most popular solution, but there are quite a few others, some downloadable, others browser-based. For point and click games, some people have used RPG Maker, but Adventure Game Studio is tailor-made for the genre, and free. Other, general-purpose engines may be usable for either kind of game.

I have tried to download AGS, but it seems to be a windows only system. Do you know any that supports Mac OS? 


Ren'Py does.

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