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Nothing is installing?

A topic by sovietbagel created Nov 16, 2016 Views: 293 Replies: 5
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Each time I download a game and click install, it downloads again and takes me back to the install button, leading me into an infinte install-download loop. Is there any fix to this?


Which version of the app are you running? (You can find out by hovering the itch logo in the top-left corner).

Can you open Preferences => Advanced => Open app log, and paste the full log here?

Just installed it yesterday so I know it's the latest version, it also tells me so on startup.

Full log:


Ah, so it looks like the issue is just with "City Racer" :)

Looks like it's an external uploade hosted on Google Drive, which isn't supported by the app. I left a comment to the developer with instructions on how to fix it:



Everytime I try to install something it says error