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Complete the ritual on your path to redemption. · By Regularly Scheduled Programming

I managed to beat it! Very good! (Full Let's Play)

A topic by NathanBlakeGames created 52 days ago Views: 81 Replies: 2
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Really well done! I really had a lot of fun.  I could see having a few more actual encounters with monsters and stuff during gameplay, but it was really good.  My favorite moment was when the monster was at the top of the staircase! 


Thanks so much, and thanks for playing. Your feedback is awesome too. As a new studio, we really want Veiled to be a conversation starter with the community. Your comments and the insight we get from watching your playthrough will be essential as we move forward. And rest assured that Veiled is only a tiny taste of what we have in store!

I'm always super excited to see new projects like this that clearly have a lot of potential! Makes me very excited to see what you do next!