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I love this so much! I'd love to see more like this from you in the future. It's clear you have a handle on the old style of games, as well as what made Resident Evil 4 fun! 

I love your game! It's fantastic! very well done and beautiful! Thank you for sharing your art!

I really enjoyed your game! thank you so much for sharing it! I wonder what results other people will get? I had a suggestion at the end of my video if you want to check it out, otherwise, thank you so much for sharing you art! 

Hey there! I played your game and really enjoyed it! I also got literally stuck near the end (In a wall) I escaped but accidentally made the game multiplayer in the console trying to escape. At any rate I really had a lot of fun and thought the narrative you created was great! 

Here is the second half of my play-through! and the ending! I hope you enjoy it, I love your game!! 

This is an amazing game!  I love everything about it and I can't wait to see more!  You have made something truly unique and beautiful!  

Thank you so much! Really glad to get to play your game and glad to know you'll be around the channel! Let me know next time you make a game!

I love your game! It's really fun, very well made, and I truly hope to see more from you soon! 

Very well done! I enjoyed it and think the idea is awesome! I'd love to see it expanded upon. 

Howdy! I played your game and had a good time, I had a couple critiques, but I know you're still pretty new to game dev so I fully understand! So anyway, thank you for sharing your game! 

Just gonna leave this right here!

You've made a really awesome little game here! I'm excited to play again and get through it! 

Howdy! I played your game today and I LOVE IT! it's amazingly well made, thank you so much for sharing your art! 

that is wonderful!  I wondered why "Psycho" mode suddenly showed up! 

I really love your game! It's really well done and really fun!!! Thank you so much for sharing. 

Almost forgot to share this here! Thank you so much for sharing you art Dave, you're a great guy!

Where is the download link?

Just played your game and I really enjoyed it! It was really well done and I look forward to what you do next! Keep up the good work! 

Goodmorning!  I played your game and had a lot of fun with it! Thank you for sharing! Keep working on it,  I want to see what it's like when it's finished! 

Hey Dave! I love your games man! you do some great work, and this is no exception.  The Spooks were on point, the characters were great, mechanics were sound, it was a reasonable difficulty, and your sound direction was great!  I'm super excited to have gotten to play it early and have so much fun! Keep up your amazing work my friend! 

I played it again with my wife!  We had a lot of fun :) 

I love this game, It is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. I teared up a little at the end. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful art! Please make more, please make a full length experience of this! 

this is a fantastic horror game in it's own right!  Is an amazing fan game,  and incredibly difficult.  

thank you so much for sharing your art! 

I really enjoyed it! I'm excited to see what you do next!

Hey Varun! I've got to say you have really started making some really impressive stuff! I really love this game and I could see it taking off likle Baldi's Basics or Dora is dead! 

I love your game!  I hope it gets all the attention it deserves.    

Eldervale is really really good, I would suggest it to any fan of horror! It reminds me of Silent Hill and other early Ps2 or Gamecube Horror games, it's a ton of fun and VERY creepy! I played the full demo on my channel if you're interested in seeing it! 

Thank you! Yeah While testing I beat an easy mode and then never had so much luck again! haha! I really do love your game and I'm excited to see where it goes.  I have a generally good eye for what has potential to make it bigger and the potential is here! Just have to get the word out there!

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Hello Dave! I am happy to report that I finished it and had a blast! Hope you enjoy my video as much as I enjoyed your game! 

Your game is awesome! Very well made, very challenging. I'd love to see other types of units for both the soldiers and the monsters, as well as some issues to fix other than just transmission, but this game is amazing and I love it. Can't wait to see what you do next! 

And now a video to show you how it went for me! 

I really did have a lot of fun playing your game, thank you very much for sharing it! You are welcome to post my video anywhere you would like! please do.   

Yes instructions might have helped. I look forward to seeing what you do next time, and I know a lot of hard work went into this!

Hi! i had a lot of fun with your game! Thank you so much for sharing it! It's really awesome and I love it! 

This was a really well put together Mod! I enjoyed how it felt extra scary compared to Baldi's but still had that Bali charm! Very well done! 

that's very exciting!  Let me know when you finish it! 

There you have it my friend!  Had a lot of fun and managed to beat it! 

This game is really fun and very difficult!  I look forward to playing it again soon and defeating it! 

Keep up the great work!
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Hidey-Ho! I really enjoyed your game! I had some issues with the controls, but other than that I thought it was really fun and of a very high quality! I'm very excited to see what you all do with it as it develops!

Finally got it all finished! I'm trying to have more going on in my videos in general, but I was also not feeling super great, so it's a little low energy. I hope you don't mind that I including you in the whole "Past Nathan" Thing! lol

You did a fantastic job as always Dave! Keep it up!