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I really enjoyed your game! Excited to see what you do with it moving forward! 

no worries friend!  Hope my playthrough helps!  

Very cool! Yeah I'd love to see the game in it's full state in the future! 

I really had a lot of fun with this!  Not scary but I did enjoy the atmosphere!   If you'd like it to be scary,  you'll have to create some danger for us (real or percieved) and not let us do sweet boat tricks Haha!  But I still had a blast playing it,  so as a game in general I liked it! 

I look forward to seeing what you do next! 

It's really cool! I'm not good at it, but I had a blast! 

Really really well done! Music and art is fantastic,  I love the GB feel,  does a great job of feeling spooky with the assets,  the story is extremely enticing! Can't wait to see all the endings!  

I really love what you did man! I have some feedback in the video about the game, but overall I had a lot of fun and I'm really impressed with your character models and the speed that you've been making games recently! Good Job! 

Don't forget to tag your game as horror, and write a description, games found in the "Horror" tab tend to do better on itch, and descriptions are worth a lot! 

That's some pretty quick turn around for this scope! Good job! I am very excited to see what you all do in the future!

sure thing! 

it's in the first half of this video

This was actually really good! I gave some feedback in my video, I feel as though the daytime bits were actually the scariest, and that the one nighttime part was not as creepy.  Overall though it was a very enjoyable experience! Thank you for sharing your art!

I did hit a bug before I beat the game,  I show the bug in my video. If you'd like to see it.   The broom drug me into a corner after I had collected all 8 notebooks,  the corner had an elevator in it,  the elevator shut as it's supposed to, but it must have clipped into me as it happened because I was trapped in the corner after that.  Trying to move for several seconds as I watched Baldi close in on me,  ruining the run and dashing my hopes of a victory that time. 

I did it!  I beat it!  I'm so happy and excited that I was able to do it!  Very very well done Mystman12! You're awesome and Baldi's is alive and kicking!

thank you for sharing your art! 

Really well done! I loved it! hope to see more from all of you! thank you for sharing your art!

Very well done!  So much beautiful art! I did manage to beat it,  even the last puzzle.  I love what you did and I wish you all the luck on your kickstarter!  

very well done!  I loved it,  very creepy and thought provoking,  I'm still trying to figure out exactly what happened,  but hopefully it becomes more apparent in future entries! 

Well that was trippy. I"ll have a video of my experience up later today!

Really well done! I liked it a lot! I'm impressed with what you accomplished with so little! I hope you enjoy the video I made of it! 

I'm sorry I haven't been about recently! I had a lot of restructuring going on, not just on my channel but in life in general. 

Clea is such a great game! very well done Invert Mouse! I'm so happy you were able to release the full game, and I'm super pumped with all the voice acting and everything! Very well done! 

I'd love to try it out!

This is really great! I think I get the point, it's really about subverting expectations and peer pressure, and how sometimes you can go against the grain and other times life just forces you down certain paths. 

My youtube channel is all about how Games ARE Art, and games like this just make the point so easy to make! Thank you for sharing your art! 

I'm always super excited to see new projects like this that clearly have a lot of potential! Makes me very excited to see what you do next! 

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Really well done! I really had a lot of fun.  I could see having a few more actual encounters with monsters and stuff during gameplay, but it was really good.  My favorite moment was when the monster was at the top of the staircase! 

One of my favorite games of the year! Thank you for sharing your art with the world! 

I really liked it!  Thank you so much, the ending was really surprising!

This was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing your art!  I'd love to see it expanded on a lot more! 

This was an incredibly interesting experience!  Completely not what I was expecting! I think I mostly understand the story, but it's pretty hard to be sure! The last bit of the video is just me explaining what I think is going on! I'd love to hear your opinion!

thank you for sharing your art with the world! Great job!

It looks really cool! Sadly OBS is incapable of capturing it without losing virtually all the FPS. Very sad!

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Very well done!  Atmosphere is good, interesting story,  good puzzles.  Everything is a bit dark,  but I managed to stumble through it and complete the whole thing! 

Very well done! Super excited to see your work in the future! I had a great time and I managed to find all the pictures! 

I played your game and had an excellent time! the beginning was especially good and creepy.

Thank you for sharing your art! 

I really loved this! very well done!! Great use of the theme, and a really good idea to use Zelda as inspiration! 

Thank you for sharing your art! 

Very well done! really makes you have to think a  lot, and makes you feel pretty creeped out just based on the subject matter of the game alone.    Meanwhile it clearly uses the theme well.  Good job! thank you for sharing you art! 

I see a lot of potential here.  There are some issues to be sure, but the overall atmosphere is really good! I did manage to break the game and get outside the boundaries.

I'd love to see something with a lot of lore, both overt and obscure!  I'm sure you've noticed that the most successful horror has a lot of lore that you notice up front, and the more you look into it the more you find there is a lot of secret lore too.    You have a lot of talent, so I think you could really excel if you did something like that.  

I really love what you did here! It took some real hard work, but I managed to do it eventually! 

extremely well done,  great use of theme,  very thought provoking! Thank you for sharing your art

Very fun! I really liked it and I got to see your work! Thanks for sharing your art.