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A topic by lalas created Nov 12, 2016 Views: 159 Replies: 1
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hi, i acquired panoramical from and i expected to get a steam key with it.. but i've been unable to find it.. i've also been unable to get a purchase email, i've tried to resend them a few times.

i also tried getting a steam key for arclight cascade, because it states 'purchasing it here will grant you a key for steam as well.' but this didn't work either.

is this a bug? is it because these games have a discount? will i ever recieve a steam key for these games?

thank you

Admin (1 edit)


You need to purchase the game to get access to a key on Panoramical. You can not download it for free as part of the promotion and get a key. Tell me if you're still having issues. I don't see any purchased content on your account so if this is an issue with another account leave a message here.