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Transferring Project Ownership: Attempt #2

A topic by purpleninjalink created May 24, 2019 Views: 139 Replies: 2
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I would like to transfer Kakatte Koi Yo! from my page to an itch account for our team. When we started the project, we uploaded it to my account because it was simpler at the time, but with the state of the game at present--particularly given that we're now set to showcase at E3 next month--we need to move it to clarify that I am not the sole developer.  I created a forum topic about 2 months ago regarding this issue and never received feedback beyond an initial "I'll let a mod know." At that point, I had already sent an email three weeks prior, also without response. The account we want to transfer to is Back Slash Games, with which I will reply in the comments to this post. I hope to see greater response the second time around, and I thank you in advance for any help which can be given.

This is the account we wish to transfer ownership to. Since our last attempt, it has been updated to be more prepared to host the project. 


Sounds like both your e-mail and my ping got lost along the way. I'll poke an admin again.

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