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update via desktop app

A topic by SPEEDY3003 created May 20, 2019 Views: 115 Replies: 5
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update from 0.17 to 0.18 not working - software is still telling "nano controlis up to date"


That's odd, is it working now?

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nope still up to date as 0.17d

not the first time/game this app starts to annoy me - still the advantages outweigh the disadvantages...

no idea if you could update manually and the app will then adjust if you do it right

edit: friday may 24 still the same ;(

edit: sunday morning may 26 still no update possible

hmm still not working thats a new record witch this itch-app


I tweaked it a bit, should be working now I think!

yep now it works but still a bit weird óO

after reading your reply - in the browser-window of the itch-desktop-app - hit the big red update button and all it did was opening the page as a new tab in my google chrome browser

had to go back in the game library - right click on it and check there for updates to download it

this app seems to still be a bit weird - thats one of the reasosn I'm still hesitating to see how it works in tandem with patreon and co...