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Frostfire is an abstract match-3 puzzle game combining both new and familiar mechanics to create deeper gameplay. · By watabou

Battery use very high

A topic by Tom Howard created Nov 10, 2016 Views: 820 Replies: 1
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Still really enjoying this, finally got a couple of "supernovae" tiles on my last game! However it's definitely burning through my battery in a big way, particularly when it's in the background - Android's battery stats are showing 5+ hrs "Keep awake" time since the last charge, which is way more that I've been playing it, and way more than comparable apps that have been in the background.


Hi there!

I just published an update which should improve "energy efficiency" of the game. Also that bug you mentioned in the previous post is finally fixed too. I have uploaded the Android version here on and on Google Play the update will become available in a couple of hours.