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Tom Howard

A member registered Jun 10, 2015

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Really enjoyed what I've played of the beta! Looking forward to the full release.

This looks cool but it doesn't show up in the Play Store when I click the link in the App Testing page - perhaps it's not available in the UK?

Still really enjoying this, finally got a couple of "supernovae" tiles on my last game! However it's definitely burning through my battery in a big way, particularly when it's in the background - Android's battery stats are showing 5+ hrs "Keep awake" time since the last charge, which is way more that I've been playing it, and way more than comparable apps that have been in the background.

Hi, really enjoy this, it really hits my sweet spot. I do have one small issue though, occasionally in portrait mode the touchscreen seems to get out of sync with the board, so that when I choose a tile it actually selects a point a few millimetres below, so unless I touch the very top of the tile it's often a different one.

I think the cause is either turning the display off and back on again, or possibly minimising the app and reopening it. It doesn't seem to happen at all in landscape mode.

I'm running the paid Google Play version of the app on a Google Nexus 5X with the latest Android 7.0.

Works really well, thanks!

Really enjoying this - hits my sweet spot for this kind of game. Would also love to play a phone version.