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[ Looking for 2d artist for a WLW Witchy Dating Sim!! ]

A topic by prettielani created May 19, 2019 Views: 647 Replies: 5
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ok hi!! i'm working on early development of a wlw dating sim about modern witches! 

it has a bit of a twist, wherein a traditional dating sim would have speech options, you choose tarot cards that determine the outcome! 

tarot cards also determine certain aspects about the player character and other miscellanious choices! 

we are looking for someone to help with any kind of art they would like to provide! right now it's only me doing art, and it is a bit overwhelming, so any help is appreciated! 

if interested, my discord is prettielani#2677

What's game engine that you are going to use? Do you already have a programmer?

hello! I added you on discord! My ID is louisianthus #4030, I'm interested in your game.

Hello, I would be able to do character designs if you are interested

oh yes!!! can you add me on discord? prettielani#2677

Hi! I'm a 2D/ 3D artist, modeler, and animator and am interested in your game! I added you on discord, mine is welcome to chili's#8382