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Product refund - alternate ways to contact itchio support?

A topic by Quintessential Gaming created 5 days ago Views: 22
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So I'm starting up this topic mostly in the hopes of it being an alternate way of getting customer support's attention!

I put up a game called Hot Librarians, which is a Lasers & Feelings hack, a few weeks ago. It was originally set at a $2 price. I was then helpfully informed that the Creative Commons license that L&F is published under doesn't allow hacks to be sold for a profit, so I changed the price to PWYW and contacted itchio support via email about refunding those who purchased before I changed it. They responded quickly and said they needed the date range in which to refund purchasers. I responded with it.

And then have heard nothing for weeks, despite multiple reminder emails (both in the thread and a fresh email) and a tweet at both itchio and leafo.

I'm a little stuck on what to do next - I have money in my account that doesn't belong to me, and I put out an devlog / update promising purchasers that they'd be refunded. I know this originated from an error on my part, but the lack of response from itch has been frustrating, to say the least, especially as I'm trying to make a good-faith effort to fix my mistake. If anyone has ideas (or if customer support sees this and looks into it!) I'd appreciate it very much.