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Mirels Bow

A topic by odionx created May 15, 2019 Views: 290 Replies: 5
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I can't find the mirels bow..

                 ***** Spoiler Spoiler *****

You can find the bow during the quest where ebron chief asks you to clear bandits in the forest. On East side of village there is a Forest , head further East , There will be a couple of bandits near a camp fire, beat them & loot the place. Then head further East & you can see their Camp , sneak to the backside , this will trigger an animation where part members surround & attack the bandits . Make sure that you loot everything , even the tents , most of them will say "nothing interesting"  but one of them has a bunch of potions. After Finishing this Quest you must have also completed mirel's bow quest as well.

If your problem is related to some bugs ,

I got Nothin.


To be precise, if you take the path east in Ebron to get to the forest, the bow is in a red chest in the top right corner behind the spot where the Earthspirit is blocking the way at first.

Where is Ebron ? 

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You need to talk to the chief in aldyn , he is in the blacksmith shop , after you talked to him ,he will wait at South of vegetable shop (left bottom corner of the Aldyn map) , Talk to him again & he'll show you Ebron.

Download walkthrough PDF 

It has answers for most of your questions.

Thanks. Consegui completar a missão. Valeu jogo muito bom . Br aqui.