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[UE4][Seeking All]Let's Make a Space Game

A topic by Pinworm created Nov 06, 2016 Views: 631 Replies: 2
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Hello there. I am a proficient blueprinter in Unreal Engine 4, and I have a great interest in creating space combat games. You can view my channel here: for some of my work.

I have a lot of space assets and am willing to create games of almost any genre using them. I've made tons of prototypes and know what works and what doesn't, but mainly I just don't want to work alone anymore. I'm open to discussing more and figuring out the exact type of game we want to make, so we can attack it with a solid design first, of which I will already have a lot of work done regardless of which genre we settle on.

I also have a Rift and a Shield Tablet and can develop for either of those, or we could make a PC game.

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WOW that all looks so promising. Obviously im really starting to learn UE4 from now as im a noob in game engines actually. But i could help with other things like testing overall impression, story and so on. Just nto that kinda stuff you do. Im also a good java and C programmer by the way, so i know how to create apps but never done a game. Is creating the app already included in ue4 or did you have to fire up android studio for that?

For basic start i may would target something like Everspace or Galaxy on fire series, so a solo campain. It should have nice simple controls, so you dont get irritated like i did in my first hour in X Rebirth. Gathering resources and trading should also come but thats for later. I would just start creating a space station where you can dock, customize your ship, buy stuff, talk to people, get quests etc.

Hello Pinworm,

you`ve got me. Your videos look great and atm I`m looking for someone who is interested in making a survival game in space with me (for example something like "Far-Out" with welding tools, fire exstinguishers, MAYBE guns and close combat for mad passengers). But I warn you: I am as good as new to UE4 (I worked with it for 2 years now, as good as every day) and I still had very much progress. This will be a pretty big project and I need to trust you as a partner. Just send me a message here: