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Hell no. Why should I?

I will definitively rate this as the best spooky game! Looks good!

Yes, my friend! Here`s your man! Instant-download and 5 stars will come soon! #banditoforlife

Thank you!

God damn man. Great game! Little question. How do you make these covers (like the thumbnail of the video)?

Greetings and a nice/spooky Halloween season!

Love the title. But... Something is strange about this game. It`s not the level design, not the sound or anything like that. First: I don`t talk much about games but this... It`s, I don`t know, it`s like it slowly drives you crazy. This game is like it was made to make us to psychos. It has a pretty hypnotic feel and after time I got more and more aggressive. I think this game should be used as a weapon of the military, Mister FBI man in my PC.

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Hey, I am wondering.... I have read now all comments and they were like "Hmmm, I give you 4 or 5 stars" but the game itself has only 3 stars. How does it come?

Cool! I will check it out asap!

Your english. I didn`t understand a single word... Could you please look over your texts again? Would be very kind, thank you in advance!

Very nice! Good luck with it!

Hello, I like your game but I think a gameplay or at least a 10 min gameplay demo would be great. Just to see something of the game except of screenshots.

Kind regards!

Why does your YT title say "Them OR Us"? lol

Good question Alex. I think everybody needs to decide this on his/her own.

An absolute masterpiece! I love the artstyle and especially the atmosphere! The setting itself looks a bit hasty but god damn if you play throught the whole game and get what the story is about you just feel tears in your eyes! Very well done.


WTF!? This game`s just shit

And it IS. But very much developers add their patreon accounts or another way to support them to their games. So I can`t see your point. Everything is allright

Good girl, honestly I think you should shut your mouth. What you say is BULLSHIT. I don`t know if you every tried to develop a game but I did. And it`s not as easy as you maybe think. If I would make a game for the community I would do exactly the same as "No Wand Studios" did because donations will help A LOT. But maybe you just didn`t think enough. Next time you surely will. Have a nice day!

Nice to hear! Have a nice day!

I hope this is a joke. If yes: Well done mate. You made me laugh. If no: Please hold your breath as long as you can and 20 seconds longer, then tell me about what you felt and you should be fine. Have a nice day!

Hello Pinworm,

you`ve got me. Your videos look great and atm I`m looking for someone who is interested in making a survival game in space with me (for example something like "Far-Out" with welding tools, fire exstinguishers, MAYBE guns and close combat for mad passengers). But I warn you: I am as good as new to UE4 (I worked with it for 2 years now, as good as every day) and I still had very much progress. This will be a pretty big project and I need to trust you as a partner. Just send me a message here:

Hello Colin, my name is Colin XD

Nice artwork

Looks nice, but a demo would be cool!

No problem, I will rate it better when I`ve got better WLAN to download this masterpiece ;D

Huh!? Why does this game have only one star?  jdotplay said it`s good, but just one star?

Amazing shaders!

Fuck, it looks like outlast! AWESOME!!!

Hey, very nice. The title is german, so are you german too? Maybe we can talk about some work for you. Maybe paid, maybe royality free. It`s on you. I`m lookin`forward to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at:

Nice work. The shadows are so beautiful if you use UE4

Hey, this will be a little difficult. UE4 is made for high quality. I use it, so I know what I`m talking about. If you lower the resolution of UE4, it`s like 8-bit (okay, a little better lol)

Hello, how did you made the models? They look awesome and I`m impressed that you had rig them so good.

Hey man, it would be great if he or she had done this... but this is just a packaged demo with new map of Unreal Engine 4. It`s the shooter sample. You can dowload it for free and play with the controls and blueprints.

How did you make the main menu background? This looks so awesome!!!

Any way to get the source code to look into it?