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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

Some observations

A topic by Bofferbrauer created May 13, 2019 Views: 239 Replies: 2
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So, I've started a couple games and from them I made a handful of observations:

1. Coal consumption is too low for the amount of coal available (even without Earthworks). At some point after years I find myself always looking for some minerals to be able to use up the coke fuel from mining just a little bit of coal. Having just one fuel to transform 5 ore also seems unrealistically low to me.

2. When you got 300+ blocks in storage, Stonemasons won't work anymore. Not sure if this is intended or a bug. I'll have to check if the same applies with the sawmill or the smithy, but it's more difficult to reach that number in their cases.

3.Sometimes, your Dwarfs seem to go fetch the water on the other side of the map - often by walking next to the river most of that travel

4. Mushrooms in the mushroom farm don't seem to produce seeds. Which makes mushroom farms a bit pointless if you can't find many grottos with mushrooms on the map

5. I never get any Hop or Barley seeds. Are they not programmed in yet and just placeholders?

6.  Is there a way to make another anvil? If yes, I couldn't find out how

7. Are coal, Hematite (iron), Galena (silver) and Malachite (copper) the only ores in the game right now? Also, no way to make alloys, or steel?


Good points there!

1. I think you're right on this and I'll double coal usage, see how that goes.

2. That's by design, although not a good or at all clear design :) There's a hidden number for an amount of each type of item to produce. Stone blocks is 300 and there's something similar for planks and metal. This is a placeholder until the player can specify what should be produced, which is scheduled in for Alpha 4.

3. This sounds like a bug that I thought I'd fixed, twice! Although they are meant to pick the nearest point in the river (if there's no closer barrels available) as the crow flies, which can end up being a poor route if there's not a direct path. I'm adding something to make it clearer if water barrels are available or not. If they seem like they're going clear across the map to the river and not picking anywhere at all near, I'm looking for a save file to investigate this.

4. This is also by design, as they do produce some mushroom spawn when complete, but only enough to start another single mushroom log. The intention is that you'll only be able to have as many mushroom logs as mushroom spawn that you find in the caverns, instead of doubling it every time like the outdoor crops. If that's a good idea or not I haven't decided yet.

5. Hops and barley are implemented in terms of the crops and what they produce, but until brewing beer is implemented they don't have a use, so I've removed them from being included on game start to avoid confusion - and also so you don't randomly start with lots of hops and barley and little edible crops and starve. When they're back in (also aiming at alpha 4) there'll have to be something to balance the starting seeds.

6. This was a bug, there was meant to be a hidden value to create another anvil when the first is used (see point 2) but it was missed out of the current release. It's fixed in the next release which I was intending to have out now (just one more thing to add) but unfortunately it'll only apply to new games due to the way the crafting system works. Again, it's due to be replaced by a screen the player can use to manage crafting/production.

7. There's quite a few other ore types already, with more to come, though they spawn in different "groups" of rock (sedimentary/igneous/metamorphic) which you only tend to find inside the mountain compared to on the outside, though there's no guarantees with the map generator. While there's no real difference between different metals right now, the intention is they'll have different properties/hardness/value, so things like gold are found deeper in the mountain. There's tin too, though that might be it for now? Alloys and steel are on the roadmap but not implemented yet.

3. Yeah, might well be since I dug into that direction. I'll built another eatery there to see if there's some changes in behavior.

4. Well, in one game, I got no seeds at all from those mushrooms farmed from logs, meaning I ran out of mushroom seeds after a couple years. Altough I must say I had tons of seeds at the time, maybe I hit a limit there just like I did with the blocks...

7. Yeah, I forgot I found some ingenous  silver and also gold in some other game, for instance. However, never ever found some Tin ores, yet. Great to hear what's coming up for the metals, really looking forward to it.

Speaking of minerals, some are very hard to see depending on which kind of rocks they are embedded. Hematite is notorious to be hard to spot on darker rocks like shale or basalt, and bitumous rocks are even worse in some of those, especially granite. How about implementing  a function to highlight the minerals in some future update?