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Idea for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

A topic by Ultimate Absol751 created Nov 05, 2016 Views: 502 Replies: 3
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Hey, here 2 ideas for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone! 1. Upgrade bot should have a repair feature so you don't have to die and use a clone to fix a missing arm or something. 2. It should have a multiplayer with two modes: one you team with other players and one where you are against them. Please tell me if you like my ideas and if there is a chance they might be inclued!

I think that it would be neat to have something like coloration or structural changes when you upgrade your robot. e.g. when you get the bow upgrade, you get the mark one archer eye scope. Another example: when you upgrade arrow block, your sword changes color.

It would be awesome to have a horde challenge where you stay in a almost flat arena and robots just keep coming. No upgrades, no clones, no rest. Maybe with a global kill score? Multiplayer would be awesome too.

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It would be cool to also have a t rex and/or a dragon that can fly.