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Nice game. Odd title choice though.

A topic by matthornb created May 11, 2019 Views: 1,089 Replies: 2
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I appreciate what you've done with this game. It's a fun little game and a cool concept.

But I do wonder if you'll get stuck renaming it at some point given the fact that the name 'Myst' as a game title is, I think, copyrighted by Cyan Inc. But given the fact that this is freeware I would hope that's probably not an issue. [Confusion aside]

- Matthew L. Hornbostel,


That's probably hard to believe but I honestly thought that "myst" was a real word (like an archaic form of "mist" or something). If they come for me I'll rename it - it's just a gamejam entry without much text and story :)


here to say the same thing, i thought this was gonna be a pixel remake of the original Myst or something. It's a pretty well known game and like, kinda historic for being one of the hardest and best point and click puzzle adventures ever, esp when it came out. 
The game seems really cool, just, you might not want to use the name of a pretty well known game for it.