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Alcyone: The Last City

A sci-fi interactive fiction game set in the last City in the universe. · By Joshua Meadows

Beta Release Thread Sticky

A topic by Joshua Meadows created May 11, 2019 Views: 206 Replies: 6
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I've only just realised I forgot to put a thread up for the beta, and there have been quite a few releases for it already. Here's the release notes for all of the betas so far, including the build I just pushed — for now this is still in the "demo" download, I'll push it into the normal purchases soon.

I am aware of a weird issue with the itch app (and another weird issue on Windows involving the zip file itself) but I'm struggling to figure out what's causing either and how to fix them. For now, if you're impacted by it grabbing the zip file from the page (scroll down to the bottom of the page to the demo section and download from there) and forcing it to unzip anyway even if it complains about overwriting an existing file seems to be the fix — check your antivirus software as well.

May 11 2019 —
• Beta4 release
• Version number added to Main Menu
• Improvements to TTS, keyboard navigation
• Fix where TTS would only read first line of any multi-line dialogs
• Initial tutorial now available any time from Menu
• Fixed issues with keyboard navigation and the Map
• Region names added to the Map
• Citadel model added to the Map
• Fixes to incorrect fonts in Credits screen
• Fixes to edge cases where clicking on edges of "bubbles" wouldn't progress story
• Consistency between next click triggers
• Initial controller support added
• Pre-May 2019 Patron content added and now accessible for Supporters
• Fixes to initial internships, small writing tweaks
• Improvements to how attributes are phrased for the sake of clarity
• Map regions can be closed via the back keybind
• Disabled accidental keyboard navigation to Map regions out of focus
• Disabled accidental activation of inactive/hidden Map Hub locations

May 07 2019 —
• Beta3 release
• Fixed bug with tooltip overlap on choice requirements/unlocks
• Fixed bug where glossary entries weren't read by the TTS system
• TTS works without keyboard navigation being enabled
• Fixed depth sorting issues on the Map hubs
• Fixed bug with keyboard being enabled by default
• Added an option to the game's first launch that asks if TTS/keyboard nav should be enabled
• Keybindings are on a separate screen in the options menu
• Fixes to keyboard navigation
• Fixes to percentage challenges failing when you change equipment a second time
• Further bug fixes to the internships

May 03 2019 —
• Beta2 release
• Fixed misfiring gameover states
• Fixed collect-4 dialogs preventing mouse scrolling
• Fixed screen jiggle when using keyboard navigation
• Fixed unicode characters missing from credits screen
• Fixes to TTS
• Added a quit button to the main menu
• Split TTS from keyboard navigation
• Patron codes implemented for Patron Supporter content
• Fixes to some bugs found in the internships

April 30 2019 —
• Beta1 release
• Massive update switching game from Twine engine to Unity
• Alpha test concluded
See Kickstarter for full information


May 16 2019

• Beta5 release
• Tweaks to the tutorial images
• Additional graphics and sound options added to the menu
• Improved scrolling on macOS
• TTS added to Map region names
• TTS improvements
• Glossary keywords now accessible via keyboard

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I bought the Beta release one year ago...I cannot download the Beta builds /:

It's grayed on my purchase page and the Demo link doesn't want to start downloading... 


It could be because I haven't pushed any changes to the beta branch directly (I will once the Patron stuff for May goes out at the end of the month) because I didn't want to break old save games for people yet.

If you go to the main page directly and scroll to the bottom where it says "demo," there should be four options depending on your operating system. Do you have any ad blockers active or javascript disabled? If so, whitelisting should help.

Alas...doesn't seem to work...with or without AdBlock+.

I'll try again later,I played one of the previous Demo,It was awesome ^^
At least I can follow the progress here.
I have enough games to play and I can wait for the release,no problem.

hello. i preordered alcyone months ago, but decided to upgrade to the besta testing today. somehow now i have two preorders, one at $6.99 and another at $14.99? i was wondering if there is a way to cancel the $6.99?

also i can't download the beta build :/ it's grayed out.


Hey Nyphren! Unfortunately I can't do anything about the previous order in terms of refunds or anything, really sorry you grabbed it twice!

As far as the beta build goes, it's greyed out because I haven't yet pushed anything to that branch. If you download the current demo, that's technically the "beta" as I updated the demo in the new Unity engine for everyone to have access. Once I update the Unity version to have the same content as Twine (all of the Patron stuff) then the beta branch will be updated and the demo will fully replace Twine. That will happen soon, I'm still doing QA to make sure there aren't any bugs.

So for right now grab the demo from the itch page. :) I'm aware of a bug (which I have fixed, but it's not uploaded just yet) on Windows that causes the zip file to give an error, and the itch app won't work either, but the zip file works okay even if it complains.