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Suggestions for new mechanics or additions in DDLC /DLC

A topic by JetGhost created 50 days ago Views: 103 Replies: 5
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This is just one major thing i wanted to throw out there and see if there's a way to implement the suggestion in game or at least be taken into consideration. My idea/suggestion was added secret Easter egg power ups/items that the player could use on the girls to either help them over there forced Monika demons or just for some random side plot fun if any.

There are MANY downloadable mods for DDLC, and many people making mods right now (I'm doing backgrounds for 4 different mods at the moment).

I don't know if there are any of the mods here on, but there are on reddit r/DDLCmods.

something like 300+ mods ready to play at the moment...

You may find someone to make this, or there are instructions on how to make your own mod as well.


Thank you but where would i look for someone to make the  mod exactly?


You'd have to ask on the reddit sub.

I don't code so I don't know, I just make pretty pictures that modders use as backgrounds.


Also do u of any mods that could make DDLC  have growth effects?


RenPy and Python are the programming languages. I don't know either so I don't know.

If it isn't possible, you could have player choices that lead to different paths, and use that as a means to simulate the effect.

On the reddit sub page is also a link to the DDMC discord. They can be ornery at times, but you can live chat with people who make / made mods and know the programming. I'd look for a guy named Tormuse either on reddit or on Discord.

Good luck!