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Android Feedback

A topic by Kiljek created 42 days ago Views: 230 Replies: 9
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The game ran very slow and chunk on my Moto g7. I was only able to play it for about 10min before I got frustrated by the lag.

I am also having issues: Razer Phone 2 gaming phone. Null pointers on sex scenes: 

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Still having this issue with Auri and the magic circle, and Tana after the scarecrows after the update

Same here, started a new android play through, I am stuck with most of them crashing on the intimate scenes. Is there any way around the null pointer crash?


Try out the latest version of the Android build (1.2.3a) and see if that has helped fixed the scenes crashing!

how do you use potions? I have some but can't click on them to use them

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Just dropping by to report stuff. I'm using a Galaxy Tab E. The controls are absolutely fucked to be honest. Anything requiring tight maneuvers (i.e. that aunt minigame) are very, very difficult. I've started using a bluetooth keyboard, which alleviated a lot of problems. However, the problem of delay between pressing and moving still persists.

I don't experience as much lag as reported here, but it does happen sometimes, particularly at night. 

I also get the same problem as Malektsepesh' pic. Particularly after the aunt's minigame, the 2nd date with the bar lady, and after the minigame with the maid.

However, switching to PC, everything seems smooth. I'm quite new to the game, but I'm liking it. Keep it up!

I've played the latest Android version of the game (1.2.3a) and it's not that bad. The lag wasn't bad for me, and mostly everything worked except for a few intimate scenes (Raylene final scene, the "milking chamber" scene in haunted woods, and the girl in Valencia forest.) That's the only things that needed to be fixed with my experience in the game.

So far my game has been going fine the only problem I've had so far is Rose's final scene

So far everything is smooth some slight lag after some scenes but never the same ones just random. did run into a error crash after Tana's scarecrow mission but after going back to take a screenshot of the error it worked just fine. And extra note if anyone has a PS4 controller you can connect it to your phone I'm using a Samsung Galaxy J7 and while using the PS4 controller I find no button lag and it works amazing I love using it and if you have one I'm sure you will too and if you don't know to connect PS4 controller to Android you just need to hold down ps button and share button at same time till light start to flash then connect Bluetooth