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I really enjoyed the Demo + Chp 1. Very intriguing. Clever integration of character creation & choosing the identity of some of the characters. I assume we're waiting for chp 2, and not that I just don't know where to find it?

Keep up the good work!

Where do you recommend?

I am on Android. I'm getting a "failed to load animation" error on the lamia fight on the way to Second Town. Was unable to progress past this point.

It's a cute little story. It could easily have been fleshed out into something bigger.

Interesting. Evocative. I can see why it won an award. Too short (a compliment) and too few choices (a critique) for my liking. Still, I liked it.

A short, simple, and fun little game. Played through all 4 endings in just an hour or so. Would recommend for a fun little romantic adventure.

nope, gave up and haven't gone back. Sry

Just a quick plug for Love of Magic. Really enjoyed that game! Can't wait for it to be completed.

Is the Halloween Special the end of the current gameplay? I can't get past Freddie.

Really enjoyed the story you put together here. Looking forward to the next update. Prithee, what is the process for updating my save game w/o accidentally overwriting it?

The game ran very slow and chunk on my Moto g7. I was only able to play it for about 10min before I got frustrated by the lag.

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This game is super short and is basically a joke. Not that I'm putting it down, just everyone be aware it's not really a legit VN.

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I've come here from the Seeds of Chaos page. I'm not seeing a download option. Is it still in alpha?

I've basically gone through all the NSFW rpg games on and this one was my favorite. Please continue the fantastic work.

I think I have played all the content my current version has. I've enjoyed it and look forward to seeing the game completed.

I appreciate you asking. It's hard to say. I'm really intrigued by the storyline of being a dragon and hooking up with girls. I would like for there to be a little bit more than just, "oh I love dragons. Please bone me." :) Not saying that's all it is, but based off the little I played that's basically been the only relationship building other than they princess at the beginning. Also a little bit of concept art for the scenes would be cool. I love the art style the game has already. I guess I don't really know what exactly I'd request except perhaps more RP and more art. Anyway, thanks!

Just finished the game as it currently stands. Really enjoyed it. Loved the dialogue with Neus.

I'm curious to see where the story goes. Keep it up.

I enjoyed playing through what you've done so far. Keep up the good work. (would encourage more RP opportunities and storyline, but the balance you have now is also cool)

So I played through and 'awoke' Sarah. I've maxed my Learning and Fitness. I've got plenty of money. What do I do now? All possible options that I can see have little symbols next to them and won't allow me to select them. Have I basically beaten the game to its current level of development?