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Bug report

A topic by Asturias69 created May 05, 2019 Views: 93 Replies: 2
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Device:Android, Version 19.4.5

In the country overview map, the mine near witton is bugged. Even if you buy it somehow it reverts to being "Build a  mine". Buying it then ending a few turns also reverts it back to being unbought.

Review: It is a good game. Thanks for developing it.

I am using pc version , I had the same bug where it shows 'build mine ' even though I started building it but after ending the turn it again asks to build mine ,I have spent 5× resources , Don't worry it will show like that , after 8 turns it will be built , ignore it's stupid status , don't spend extra resources like me .

Although the real bug is it doesn't shows that it is being building , instead shows 'build mine' still the building will be completed exactly 8 turns.


I think I found the issue and fixed it for the next update. Thank you for mentioning it and helping me to improve the game. :)