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Homepage | Documentation | Add your Game | Chat on Discord is an open platform for hosting mods created by the team behind and

It can be integrated in-game using the REST APIC/C++ SDK or engine plugins: Unity is readyUnreal Engine is in development and more are coming.

Features include:

If you are familiar with Steam Workshop but need a solution that works on Steam as well as the Epic Games Store,, Discord, GOG and other places in the future, then is the tool for you.

  • Platform agnostic supporting 1 click mod installs on Steam, Epic Games Store, Discord, GOG, with plans for full-console support
  • Clientless with no other dependencies and works behind the scenes in your game
  • Connect your community with our Discord ModBot and embeddable web app
  • Powerful search, filtering and tagging of mods
  • Moderation and reporting systems built-in

Steps to getting integrated:

  • Add your game to the test or production environment
  • Read our API documentation for an overview of how works
  • Choose an Engine PluginAPI or SDK and integrate into your game and mod making tools
  • Ready to launch? Add your game to our production environment then click the "go live button"
  • We will reach out to discuss promoting your game to our community of 5 million monthly visitors on ModDB and IndieDB
  • Need help? Our team is available on Discord to assist and our getting started guide has more information for you

Benefits of using offers the same core functionality as Steamworks Workshop (1 click mod installs in-game), plus mod hosting, moderation and all of the critical pieces needed. Where we differ is primarily driven by the open nature of our platform which is not tied to a client + SDK, giving you much greater control and implementation options if you want them.

  • Our API is not dependent on a client or SDK, allowing you to run in many places such as your homepage and launchers
  • Designing a good mod browsing UI is hard, our plugins ship with a UI built in to save you a lot of effort and help your mods stand out
  • We don't apply rules globally, so if you want to enable patronage, sales or other experimental features, reach out to discuss
  • Our platform is built by the super experienced team and is continually improving for your benefit
  • Your community can consume the API to build modding fan sites or discord bots if they want

What we are working on:

All of our plugins and tools are open source and hosted on Github. Our community are building wrappers, command line tools, engine plugins and we welcome all contributors to the project. Our roadmap priorities include:

  • ModBot for Discord
  • Xbox, Playstation and Switch support
  • Embeddable web app with hooks for easy UI implementation
  • Localization (API is localized, next step allowing content to be)
  • Engine plugins: Unreal is close, GameMaker and others are next
  • Patronage, marketplace and trading


These screenshots are from our Unity plugin, which ships with a built in UI.

We are very proud to welcome ModBot 🤖 to the family. If you run a Discord server and want your community to be alerted when mods for your game(s) on are added or updated, invite the ModBot in.


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If you are interested to see the Unity Plugin in action, I highly recommend you grab Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Steam. They launched 7 days ago on and already 7,500 battles have been shared and downloaded 125,000 times. It has been amazing to see a community create so much content, with daily challenges issued to players and streamers.


Some of our favorite campaigns include a recreation of the 4th crusade and a tower of mammoths because you can never have too many mammoths in your life apparently.