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A topic by EpitaphGamer created Apr 27, 2019 Views: 406 Replies: 1
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Characters that i cannot make pregnant or cannot unlock / trigger the scenes : Aleah , Firespirit , Queen , Grime ,Sia , Hellhound & Lielle

and purple haired slave girlI is not yet unlocked in CG room even though I bought her .

All these above characters can be made pregnant , but somehow i am unable to do so.

I have completed most of the game quests & Built every building that can be built/Upgraded .

Status of these girls so far in game :

Aleah : unlocked good path & maid(bjob) scene

Firespirit : Unlocked First Scene after First Encounter

Queen : Finished upto silver tools quest & unlocked a scene

Grime : bought & unlocked good path scene 1 (bjob)

Sia : unlocked upto scene after bar Event

Hellhound : unlocked scene upto secret bedroom maid dress strip tease

Lielle : Upto Scene 2 after her quest in aldyn board

I am aware that slave girls good path is not done , even ignoring the slaves i cannot seem to impregnate other characters no matter hoe many times I replayes the scene in CG room.

I may have missed some triggers for certain events,please let me know what i am missing - Thanks in advance


- Aleah has no scene on her good path yet with which she can get pregnant. The icon displays the option to get her pregnant only for the evil path. But the CG scene to get her pregnant on her good path is planned and will eventually be added to the game.
If I remember correctly it's still the same for Grime as well, who has only a blowjob as scene on her good path and therefore can't get pregnant on that path yet.

- In general every girl can get pregnant immediately when you have a scene with her in which you can climax inside of her, there are no additional condition needed for it. The chances vary depending on the girl though, with some being easier to impregnant than others. I assume you're simply very unlucky in some cases.

Apart from adding sex scenes to allow impregnant regardless on what path is chosen for characters like Aleah or Grime, I also plan to add potions to gain a certain pregnancy chance on the next scene replay to prevent unnecessary frustration when only a low number of characters are missing. But that requires to change every existing sex scene, so it's not something I can make quickly.