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[Siluman Soft]Siluman Fantasy[Monster Girl RPG] (NSFW)

A journey through game world that made by your gramps to fulfill your lewdest monster girl desire. · By Siluman Soft (NSFW)

Steam release

A topic by Porcupine created Apr 24, 2019 Views: 727 Replies: 1
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I'd like to point out - in a sort of FYI fashion - that there exist people who will NOT buy a game on Steam (or Nutaku) even if it is offered for free, because of their DRM; people who came to and other similar places exactly and specifically to get away from that. So make of it what you will. But I will also point out that I have never ever paid money for a mere demo - and I'm not about to start now.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for your information,

We will give the official version here soon.
But as we said the differences are only the gallery and the cheat-box because that is what we have promised.
The second half will be build upon different script, sprites, and world works.
We are giving price in steam because inputs from our colleagues to not destroy the market by offering free things.
Hopefully you enjoy the game and please give us more inputs from now on.

Best Regards,