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Siluman Soft (NSFW)

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will buy them again at steam for now then.
thank you for these great tools.

if we buy the itch version will we get the steam key too?
*just asking

cannot wait for steam version for this tools :D

We are sorry to hear that,
So there is no arachne H-Scene inside?
We thought that we have deleted the old ones and replacing them
Thanks for the heads up.

Thank you for following us,

Hope you like our other games  too

The game is finished and currently we are porting the second half in better engine.
Thanks for the interest and we will tell you when we finished the demo again :D

Sure we are needing them, 
You can post the bugs in our newest game page here

or maybe via email to

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This is a project of Monster Girls with lewd Big Tits from our friends RuneWalker that you would like to live in!

More info Here!

after getting lost in the forest also being caught in a storm, he lost his consciousness. Suddenly he wakes up in the inn with an Arachne girl, thanks to Fenrir, she rescue him from fainted in the forest. Fenrir decide to train him to be a better man, he also met some monster girl on this village and forced to help them as an errand boy, of course they pay him with some money and their body. After that he decide to live with them with a beautiful big tits monster girl, he spend his entire live now on that village 

  • Made by Smile Game Builder
  • A JRPG-style battle system
  • A various quest to do from the monster girl with erotic reward (Under construction)
  • An Interactive dialogue (Under construction)
  • Story focus gameplay
  • A cute, busty Monster girl
  • Simply like RPGMaker game but in 3D

....and many, many more!

The game is still in pre-alpha state v0.0.5, mean there are still a lot of bug. If you found any please report to our  discord channel

Future feature :

  • H-scene moan voice 
  • More interactive approach dialogue
  • More character to add
  • More H-Scene 
  • More map to explore
  • Add Voice effect 
  • Add crafting system


Please do tell your impression and what kind of improvement we can do to make this game better :D

Thank you,
It will be on for public next month.

Good fast monster girls game :D

Any news you would like to collabs?

Why is it banned from steam?

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Thank you!
That helped a lot and will start concept our game now.

It will be a dating sims of monster girls in interspecies exchange, hopefully you will like it :D

Best Regards,


Thank you for the answer,

Can we ask more, how about grotesque images like splatter house or similar?

or maybe tone it down to only implicitly?

Thank you for the support!

Just want to ask as our games are monster girls and quite exposing.

Heya there developers, gamers, and other consumers,

We want to give you an announcement that our newest artbook is on the sale now. please do come and take a bit of sneak peek to it, and maybe an input or two so our love product is loved by more people and may sell better. so we can make better ones next time.

Sure we will update it then.

oh nice!

Thanks, will take that into the ideas

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Currently we are suspending the game for now.
The reason is, we don't have the resources to finish it but after some project we will continue it.

Please do tell your impression so we can improve it better.

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Thank you,
What we mean for next time is the new game we will make as the first half is done for now.
The second half developed in the same engine as the first half for this year,  so we will use MV or Unity help in the early of the next year.
We have tried to use the best we think we can before but it dampens our spirit and left with two people and less,
So we try to finish a lesser game as a push to create at least one finished game to start off and rethink how can we do better and finish a game.
Rather than doing an unfinished game for how long god knows.
don't worry to play as the bought one also not much different as they just giving player access to the H-Scene earlier and with a cheat sheet.

Thank you for your inputs and we always open to discussion in our discord if you have time :D

Best Regards

Thank you for your inputs, and sorry for the late response.
We have uploaded and fixed so the game can be played in full screen in the official version,
You can also purchase them in Steam or Jast or Nutaku.
We can't make the resolution bigger for this engine as it will violate Degica TOS but we will improve the game after this series is done this year.
Hope you can enjoy the game and please do tell what should we improve next time.

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Thank you for your information,

We will give the official version here soon.
But as we said the differences are only the gallery and the cheat-box because that is what we have promised.
The second half will be build upon different script, sprites, and world works.
We are giving price in steam because inputs from our colleagues to not destroy the market by offering free things.
Hopefully you enjoy the game and please give us more inputs from now on.

Best Regards,


Thanks, join our discord here for more close chat :D

Thank you :D
We will update soon after this.
and the things is we need testers for next projects.
*already preparing the code and now writing the story inside the game project

this is nice :D

Sorry that we do not have linux to test on. There is some optional ways like using windows emulator or maybe Wine like this tutorial 
Please do tell if you have succeed or maybe need more help.

Thank you

here is the main link

This is a Collaboration works with Heidi Fisk

"Minoru" is a regular NEET guy living in a crummy apartment paid for by his grandfather's inheritance. He was perfectly content to waste away in those four walls until a particular package with no return address arrived at his door. Inside was a strange device and a message from his grandfather. In a flash, Minoru is abducted and sent to another world filled with monsters and women. Now he must collect the Lust Stars and Libido energy to find the truth and make his way home. Will he prove himself a Hero? Or shall he remain a deadbeat forever?  This book is based on the Siluman Fantasy Game that you can find in our page.

You can also find the Amazon Version HERE Please take a look at other books too :D

or visit our patreon for other free stuffs

We need a volunteer and dedicated tester for the game. please contact us if you're interested

nice idea about monsters game :D

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Buy it here!

30% off of previous works and $5 for bundle Vol.01 Sketch and Codex Libido Mundus!

As the Halloween is coming we proudly present sale of our previous works. is there anyone here likes monster girls?

These books are free for patrons

Visit us at :

About Siluman Project:
Siluman is a fancy name from ancient words meaning apparition or inhuman monsters
The main plot in our games centers around the relationship of three main characters:
Shikiyoku Minoru - Human ??? Grandson of Lavos 
Alice Spade - Succubus from Another World
Lavos R. Fransteiner - Mad Scientist

In an attempt to make the ultimate lifeform, Minoru's grandfather Lavos R. Fransteiner ended up making Monster girls instead. They lack reasoning, will, a soul, and are driven only by primal desire "Lust" to create more of them for nourishment. It is up to Minoru with the help of his Succubus friend Alice Spade to fix all the mess and stop this zombie like apocalypse.

Our first game Siluman Chronicle starts this story.

Community feedback is very important to us. We are happy to receive critiques on our grammar usage, aspect of the CG and body templates, etc.. as we we love to continue improving our current game which will also help to improve all future game releases. 

Lastly, don’t feel bad if you can't pledge, you can also share and comment in our art and game so more people know about us. 
Feel free to edit your pledge, and choosing what you like.
We’re just here to serve pussy.

Hopefully you will enjoy playing through our games and thank you for reading about us!
Play the game here

Consider Supporting us at our patreon

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Thank you for mention it :D
We forgot to make a tag or more title description about the artbook differences.