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Siluman Soft (NSFW)

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can we use it in bakin?
*It's sister engine by Smileboom

Congrats on the release!

yeah the poison area is the last for now.

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Hello, the programmer, Siluman here,
Love that you like this game that much.
I want to ask if you would like this game to be continued,
If so, I will try to contact Rune again after a bit done with some work allocations in my team.
Though it may be a bit different from the final product if yeah, let's not go over there.
I hope he still want to finish this game as it get a lot of love from you guys.

I won't abandon anything actually... 
just people getting double faced and left for greener side after taking what they can took...
well, need to make stuff from scratch because the IP might clash maybe.
wish I can just focus on making things rather than a need to read people minds in addition paying them with almost all of my income.

Hopefully, this current team could stabilize soon so we can popping new and better games more and more XD

Sadly, this game is very incomplete because internal problem and currently I am working to fix and build the team from 0 again.

I'm thankful for you playing and we hopefully can start the development soon when we got the budget and team to finish this soon.

For the first question, there's an area where you could pour something to ruins the ecosystem(it's hidden though but there's some area that the tree is not really there.

For the second question, you need to have a balls, for some reasons your balls got destroyed if you die, so you need to attach new one on the bonfire.

we have the non nsfw one for this one

umm, seems like you're talking about a different game,
this one still doesn't have any harem or females approaching males.
just Dr. Nitro chasing to capture some mosnsters.
though have fun 

Sadly for now yes.
Currently remaking the team and funding the smaller works first.
I am happy to hear you like it.
Hopefully, we can continue this game again soon after having a better and solid team.

Just pushed the Alpha of Mythos!
A puzzle RPG about mythology girls XD

Glad you're back stronger.
and hopefully you can make it better.

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I am sorry, it is still yes...
lots of things happens, and the guy responsible was gone.
Currently starting from 0 again with cosplay game.

I will take a look at this game again after having more progress in the other's
because of some things currently I am alone again and restarting many things from 0 again after all

ah sorry, you just need to go behind her and backstab when she's down using z key

you need to evade and search for attack opportunities.
tricky stuff indeed

Can we apply an adult game for this bundle?

It's 23 pages,
with 18 pages of content inside.
Thanks for the input and maybe will tell the editor for it later :D

Thank you for the answer 😸 and I will try it soon.

This is really great SRDude.
Can you tell me how to access the custom parameter created via code?
Thinking about a barrier, a trance, or some custom additional gauge that separate from the current one.s

sadly no, for now.
But I will try to make some try in the current project.

ah yes, just want to ask because I bought it at discounted price,
Would be happy if you have japanese themed city too XD

Just bought this and I want to ask if the price increase could we still download the updates ongoing or we need to pay again when that time comes?


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no longer scripting additional unknown language?

Can this work with customizing menu and other UI windows?


Thank you for the report,
we will try to fix it on the next build.

Thank you,
and please share it if you could so more people can play it.

Thank you :D

Thank you for playing the game,
We will try to update the game while the contest is ongoing,
Hope you will like it.
The goal is marriage with all the girls!

will buy them again at steam for now then.
thank you for these great tools.