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Considering the Discord CAPTCHA is fucking broken again and keeps redirecting me to another one indefinitely, this is the only place I have left to report this bug: when choosing the belly inflation enema training I'm presented with what looks like the MC with a chopped-off dick. Which is certainly not what I signed up for and and strongly do not appreciate, never mind that it makes zero sense in the context of the story, on whatever branch I'm on (which most definitely has the MC retaining her "clit").

Okay, finally found the time to pursue the rest of the arcs. And this is where I have to take a deep bow, hat humbly in hand, to salute what you have accomplished; in the age of a zillion visual novels where most of them only manage to focus on people fornicating (not that I have any issues with that - I'm maximally on board with any amount of fornication, the more twisted the better) you managed to make me CARE for these people. A lot. Well, okay, except kinda arc 3 - that dude has my sympathy but dang it, clicking "eat" took every single last ounce of my autistic completionist willpower. I do need to ask though - yes, I get that this is not really that kind of game and I'm perfectly fine with that, but... will there be at some point any sort of happy... er... ish... route/ending/option...? I've been taken down some roads here that affected me more than I expected, right in the feels, and I'd really appreciate being allowed to follow some of those routes to their substantially less grim completion... *puss-in-boots kitten eyes going "pleeeeeeeease?"*

Oh, okay! Thanks!

Well, I'm officially confused beyond belief. I played the game all the way through to a "wish I never existed" ending, but I have zero clue about how to reach arc 2 or 3, which I suspect I have NOT played yet. I have no idea whether I'm right, or what to do next. But if I AM right, this aspect of the game needs some SERIOUS further work.

I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. I'm entrenched so deep in arcane fetishes classic BDSM would probably sound like vanilla compared to the stuff I like. Which, unsurprisingly, makes it really hard to find games I care about playing. Oh well, one can hope...

The name of the other yandere girl got a chuckle out of me - I suppose many people would be familiar with it, it's much more infamous than it is common. I did enjoy getting to spend some more time with Lizzie (and John) even if this setup isn't quite as satisfying as the traditional yandere partner/adversary one. Even then, the game does a remarkable job of mimicking the way dealing with personal and/or inter-personal issues can suck away energy from everyone involved, whether or not they are aware of them - even simply playing gets you tired. I suppose I should consider myself lucky for managing to get the better endings on the first few playthroughs; I'm sure I missed a few of the bleaker ones though, so if you'll please excuse me...

As much as I like the themes involved, I'm afraid you lost me at "kinetic". If I wanted to look at lewd pics, I could do that within seconds on the most perverted site of my choice. I play VNs for the opportunity to have some agency (even if illusory since it's a given which way I want to steer things) over what happens. Unfortunately, for me, this is NOT the way...

It would be right up my alley if only it was more than a tease. Alas, it is not - this ends before it ever even started.

Watersports does sound nice...

Either sounds really good to me, but I might just be slightly biased towards "more CGs". At any rate, it all sounds like rather a lot of fun... :)

It seems like you're trying to sell a not-even-a-demo. Well, good luck with that...

Nice Lorde reference there...

Ditto. Also, twich-puzzles really need to die a horrible, painful death. They add nothing and subtract everything one might possibly like in a game. This is not a "balance" or "tuning" issue. It's simply bad mechanics.

I'd like to point out - in a sort of FYI fashion - that there exist people who will NOT buy a game on Steam (or Nutaku) even if it is offered for free, because of their DRM; people who came to and other similar places exactly and specifically to get away from that. So make of it what you will. But I will also point out that I have never ever paid money for a mere demo - and I'm not about to start now.

Awww yisss, this is absolutely great news! I don't care for Steam but I'll be very much looking forward to the version. Lizzie ❤❤❤...!

I have the exact same problem. I have Bonds 1.3.1 from DLSite and it keeps progressively getting slower and slower in Session mode, until it takes literally seconds to react per click. Only completely quitting and relaunching the game fixes it. This is a quad-core x64 CPU with 16GB RAM mind you, so really, this is not about the hardware. And I don't remember having this problem at all in 1.2...