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Nice Lorde reference there...

Ditto. Also, twich-puzzles really need to die a horrible, painful death. They add nothing and subtract everything one might possibly like in a game. This is not a "balance" or "tuning" issue. It's simply bad mechanics.

This was a very enjoyably and unconventionally crafted "eldritch horror" game, the humour/attitude was quite exquisite. I'd love to see much longer games set in this (or similarly imagined) settings, as the game has a certain charm I haven't quite seen the like of anywhere else before.


Although I covered endings 2 to 5 in a few playthroughs, countless dozens of variations were not enough to get me to ending 1, and this was turning out to be quite frustrating to put it politely. In the absence of any walkthrough I could find, I ended up turning to a decision tree mock-up software and had to literally brute-force every possible choice of every possible decision to finally get to ending 1 - that was most decidedly NOT fun. And this is coming from someone who started playing choice-based games on the ZX Spectrum and never stopped since. Certainly, in hindsight, that particular route does make sense - but I feel that if your story truly requires an ending to be achievable through only one specific combination of choices out of hundreds if not thousands*, perhaps some sort of built-in hint** about what you're still failing to get to on playthrough #45611423 might be, perhaps, a reasonable idea...

* needless to say, I did have this problem before, otherwise I wouldn't even have known what software to turn to; nonetheless I don't find "but others are doing exactly this too" much of a comfort.

** sure, I did play games that absolutely required meticulously taped-together sheets of hand-drawn maps drafted as you went; it may have been reasonably fun back then but there is literally nothing I would be willing to do that sort of thing again for. We have rockets that can power-land on their tails now; this sort of effort to achieve completion is no longer acceptable in my book.

I'd like to point out - in a sort of FYI fashion - that there exist people who will NOT buy a game on Steam (or Nutaku) even if it is offered for free, because of their DRM; people who came to and other similar places exactly and specifically to get away from that. So make of it what you will. But I will also point out that I have never ever paid money for a mere demo - and I'm not about to start now.

Oh, I'm definitely holding out for SubscribeStar. I much prefer to do business over there...

Awww yisss, this is absolutely great news! I don't care for Steam but I'll be very much looking forward to the version. Lizzie ❤❤❤...!

I have the exact same problem. I have Bonds 1.3.1 from DLSite and it keeps progressively getting slower and slower in Session mode, until it takes literally seconds to react per click. Only completely quitting and relaunching the game fixes it. This is a quad-core x64 CPU with 16GB RAM mind you, so really, this is not about the hardware. And I don't remember having this problem at all in 1.2...

First off, LewdGamer sent me. Second, this absolutely needs to be expanded / continued / [whatever you find appropriate] into a full-scale game - I had much, much more fun with it than I had any right to, it was absolutely perfect except for the lack of any choices and the relatively short playtime of course. Seriously, this is an awesome game, and my only regret is having finished it. Thank you for the experience (and I'm not using that word lightly)!

...but I can see a lot of potential too. I'd love to see this expanded soon.