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Well, I'm officially confused beyond belief. I played the game all the way through to a "wish I never existed" ending, but I have zero clue about how to reach arc 2 or 3, which I suspect I have NOT played yet. I have no idea whether I'm right, or what to do next. But if I AM right, this aspect of the game needs some SERIOUS further work.


Hey!! Thanks so much for playing! To start the next arcs, after you see the credits after what you just described, you'll see another scene, after which, you'll be given a choice to call one of your friends. This choice screen is what starts a new arc! Calling Genzou starts Arc 2, and calling Orlam starts Arc 3. I hope that helps!! 😄

Oh, okay! Thanks!


Okay, finally found the time to pursue the rest of the arcs. And this is where I have to take a deep bow, hat humbly in hand, to salute what you have accomplished; in the age of a zillion visual novels where most of them only manage to focus on people fornicating (not that I have any issues with that - I'm maximally on board with any amount of fornication, the more twisted the better) you managed to make me CARE for these people. A lot. Well, okay, except kinda arc 3 - that dude has my sympathy but dang it, clicking "eat" took every single last ounce of my autistic completionist willpower. I do need to ask though - yes, I get that this is not really that kind of game and I'm perfectly fine with that, but... will there be at some point any sort of happy... er... ish... route/ending/option...? I've been taken down some roads here that affected me more than I expected, right in the feels, and I'd really appreciate being allowed to follow some of those routes to their substantially less grim completion... *puss-in-boots kitten eyes going "pleeeeeeeease?"*


Oh, gosh!! I'm so glad you continued to play and thank you so much for these lovely words! It just brightened my day so much~ 🥺💕 I feel like the core of this game/story really depends so much on the characters and connecting with them in at least some way, shape, or form, so hearing that from you about them is honestly sending me through the roof and I'm having a hard time verbalizing my th-thoughts 🤣 Though LOL I MEAN-... I don't blame you, that IS quite the Choice™ hahaha

Re: your question—though I can't give away too much, I can at least say there IS light at the end of the tunnel, I promise that much. I can't make these poor characters suffer literally forever. I want them to be happy, too hahahaha. It'll just take a little bit more pain to finally get there, especially as they need to take some deep, hard looks as themselves lol.

Gahhhh and thank you so much for your very nice review/rating, as well!! I'm just really really glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for playing!!!! 🥰