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Hey! Thanks so much for your kind words, and I'm super flattered by your videos!! Thank you so much, and I'm glad that you like the game! Of course, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about it. Would email be ok? That would probably be easiest for me if it's ok for you. Just shoot me an email at with your questions! :)

Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked all the new stuff!! :D And some of the new explanations for things that had happened were directly because of some of the feedback you gave me before!

It is, indeed, not really "happy" no matter what ending you get. I'm still working on shaping the entire story for my next game--I have much of it done, but parts of it keep shaping and evolving even as I'm working on it (the same way Easter did when I was working on it), so even I'm actually interested to see the way it finally turns out in the end, ahaha. Though it's still a ways off because there's only one me and I'm also so busy with work and other stuff, alas. But it's slowly starting to come together!

Thank you for all the support!! :)

Thanks so much for playing the game and for your great feedback!! :) I'm glad you found the story interesting!

Keep playing until you figure out the true ending—it's worth it!!

Thanks so much for playing the game and for your great feedback! I definitely know what you mean--I, too, believe that I let some of the parts drag on a bit too long, especially after watching people do Let's Plays of the game and seeing reactions to various things that happen. These are the types of things (along with plenty of others lol) that I'm going to keep in mind as I work on my next game. Thanks so much for giving this a play!!

You may need to turn up your volume (and make sure you're using headphones) in this part! My main piece of advice is that there's no penalty for stepping in the wrong direction.  As the surrounding noises start to make it harder to hear, you can keep trying different directions until you get the right ones. Let me know if that helps!

Glad you got it working! Not quite sure what might have been the problem... Could be an issue with the game engine itself just being finicky.

Look on the right-hand side of the house! :D

Yaaaay! I'm glad you were able to get all the endings!! And I'm glad the guide helped! :) Thanks so much for playing and glad you enjoyed the game!

Ahaha, what??

Hey!! Thanks so much for picking up the game again. I continue to be amused by your commentary, ahaha. I'm also impressed that you found every single way to die while exploring the house. Not many people do that, lol.

You're actually doing great! In order to continue past the "Easy" ending, you only need to find one clue downstairs before going to sleep (out of a total of five). You actually found three already! If you just return to your friends and go to sleep, the game will continue (though I can't remember if you saved after finding any of the clues before dying lol).

You may need to turn up your volume (and make sure you're using headphones) in this part! You'll hear a sound and need to walk in the direction of the sound--if you hear it in your left ear, step to the left, in your right ear, step to the right, and in the center, then walk forward. Note that there's no penalty for stepping in the wrong direction, either! So as the surrounding noises start to make it harder to hear, you can keep trying different directions until you get the right ones!

Ahaha, no worries!! The controls are very basic: you can just use arrow keys to move, enter to interact with things, and the exit button to bring up your menu (save, load, inventory, etc.). I've seen some people play that were able to use other combinations, as well, such as WASD to move, etc., so I think there's a few different configurations you can use  depending on your setup.

Thanks so much for playing the game and for your wonderful video! :D I enjoyed your commentary on the dialogue and names, ahaha. If you do end up doing another one, let me know, as I'd love to watch it, too!! 

Thank you very much! Unfortunately, the engine I used to create the game only supports Windows builds, so I'm not sure I'd ever be able to release this on mobile. :/

Thanks so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game!

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this! I think I've found the error you're talking about. This will be addressed in an upcoming (soon) update :) Thanks so much for taking the time to play and report this!

Sorry, I don't check this often, but sure! Go ahead.

Thanks again for the awesome video series! Love both of the video parts that you've done, and the back-and-forth commentary is hilarious, ahaha :D

Wow!! Thanks so much for the great video and pumped that you're enjoying the game so far :) Really looking forward to seeing your next parts!

Hey, I have been testing now on a couple different machines, some with built-in keyboards and some with USB-connecting keyboards, and for the life of me, I can't seem to recreate this error. Is there anything more you can tell me about your keyboard perhaps? I'm almost positive it's not anything to do with the OS, so I can only guess the game is reacting strangely to your specific keyboard.

I also tried looking up to see if this problem occurred for anyone else playing RPG Maker games, and I did find this forum post:

It recommends unplugging every single USB connected to your computer. Turning it off and back on. Plugging them back in. And then trying to open the game. It worked at least for the person here, so if it does turn out to be the same issue, it might work for you, too.

Ahaha, no worries :) The fact that you would come back and play at all makes me happy!

Do you hear the sounds in the headphones when you do that part? There will be sounds to the left, right, or center, and you have to click the corresponding button. Is it just that you keep getting a Game Over screen? (I ask because a few people have also reported having a weird problem occur in this part, so I want to make sure it's just that you keep dying or that something weird is going on).  One thing I tell people if they keep dying during this part is that there are no repercussions for hitting the wrong key (you can keep trying other keys until you get it right). So if you start to panic and can't make out the right sounds when the music gets loud, keep trying other buttons quickly until you get it right.

Does that help?

Oh, no... this is really strange :/

The darkness parts are programmed to be random. There is no "set path," and instead, the path is different every time you play. Once you've taken enough correct steps, the event will conclude successfully. Can you still click the left, right, or up buttons even after the sound disappears? If you keep trying to click buttons, will you eventually get some new text? Do you eventually ever get to a game over screen? A few people have reported something like this happening, but then other people have absolutely no problems getting through this part, so I'm not sure what the underlying cause could be. Maybe let me know what OS you're using, as well? (And what version of the game?) I can try to start seeing if there's a connecting factor between people for whom this is happening).

Oh, whoops! I didn't see you also linked the vid here, ahaha. That's what I get for not checking itch comments for a few days. But thanks again for the great vid and for all the time that must have gone into getting all the endings. Makes me super pumped that you had fun playing it! :) And also thanks to you I found the two weird bugs in the secret ending (strangely specific as they are, but at least hopefully the new version I'm gonna push out will make sure they don't happen again).

Thanks and keep up the great work on your gaming vids! :D

Now that is a really weird bug that I've never heard of before. I also use a Windows 10 machine and have never experienced it before, so I don't think it's the OS per se. Which version of the game did you play on your laptop and which version are you trying to play on your PC? I can try to investigate, but I'll have to try and recreate the problem if I can...

Hm, that's weird that it doesn't automatically start up in fullscreen. You should be able to toggle back and forth between windowed and fullscreen mode, though, by hitting ALT + ENTER when the game is open and running. Let me know if that helps! And thanks for playing! :)

Yaaaay!! Ahaha, I'm glad it helped to clear up some of your confusion! And glad you liked the story, as well. It was fun for me thinking about ways to turn what happened in the default ending on its head with the reveals that come in the secret endings, so I hoped that people who played would enjoy them, as well. Thanks so much for playing and for leaving your wonderful comments! :)

Ahaha, this is great! Glad that you were able to move on with the story and loved watching the vid. There were some moments you made me laugh out loud, especially the "belligerent" part. Also I love what you did with the thumbnail and the eyes!

In the middle there, you had a sudden reset. Was that a button you pressed? I didn't even know the game could be suddenly one-button reset like that... so I got a little confused. Anyway, thanks as always for the vids! I love seeing all the reactions to the various stuff that happens in the game.

Ahaha, try dying again (or watching a Let's Play that shows a death if you don't want to find a place to die again). I'm sure the answer will come to you, then... in the form of a series of seemingly nonsensical letters and numbers... :)

Thank you so much for playing the game and I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :) Yeah, the default ending is definitely set up to leave a lot of questions unanswered. Have you tried to get one of the other endings? Once you get on the path to the other endings, a lot of the unanswered stuff will start getting further fleshed out (hopefully eliminating any confusion from the default ending). Whether you do or not, though, I'm really appreciative of you playing the game!

Hmm... that's really strange. You say you hear the first movement, right? And if you try clicking either left, right, or up, on the keyboard, no other sounds play at all? I believe there are 4 steps before a new sound plays and some text pops up. Do you ever see some more text pop up between Easter and Muggy? What about if you try just clicking up, left, right for a short time even if you don't hear anything? Even if for some reason the sounds aren't coming through, the event should still let you continue if you keep trying to press buttons and see what happens.

This is quite the confusing bug as I've never had anyone report this. Which version of the game are you playing?

Ahahahaha, no worries about the door. I actually lightened up that room some to try and make it easier, but I think I might need to do a bit more (plus it seems some people's screens or tints tend to make it even darker than it looks on my screen, which doesn't help).

And I don't think that's true about your content at all! Maybe it'll just take some time to build up views. In the meantime, I'll be watching all of them, lol. :D

Ahahaha, no worries!! Thanks so much for making more vids! I always get so excited, and love seeing your thumbnail pic again! :D

As for where you're supposed to go, you just need to go straight down and through the door to the dining room (you'll need to hit enter to go through the door). Once you go through the door, the story'll pick itself up from there lol.

Thank you so much! That really means a lot, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed playing the game :) Especially the audio-only parts, as the idea for that came on a whim, so I'm glad it panned out and that people like it.

Ah, the two other endings are pretty close to each other. There's just one thing that you need to do differently to get one or the other. I don't want to ask specifically which one you got so as not to spoil anything here in the comments, but I'll try to vaguely get you towards the right place where the fork occurs. Very near the end of the game (on the "true" ending path rather than the default ending), you'll be asked to do something, and then be allowed to move around and do the thing you were asked to do. In one ending, you do the thing you were asked to do with an item in your inventory. In the other, you DON'T do it and simply wait it out--after a short period of time, it will continue to the last, and what I consider to be the true, ending.

Hope that helps!! Let me know if you still can't get it.

I don't think it was that bad! Just the lag, but it wasn't a huge issue. And I LOVE the thumbnail! It's so cute! I love what you did with it making it look like the game art :D Gives it a really unique and fun look before even clicking into it.

Hey! No worries. The clear cube icon with the .exe will install the game on the computer (the bar that will appear is just it unpacking the game, not downloading anything). From there, if you click into the folder that it made, there will be a couple folders like Audio, Fonts, and System, and below that, a "Game.exe" (with likely a red dragon-ish icon next to it). If you give that a click, it should start up the actual game.

Let me know if that works or not or if you're still having trouble!

Oh, thank you very much! I'm glad that you like the game. As for the password, you mean you're not sure what it is or it's not working when you type it? If you're not sure what it is, try killing Easter. You'll see it pretty quick. If it's not working when you type it, make sure that you're using the right capitalization for the letters and everything (all letters should be capitalized exactly how it looks on the game over screen).

Oh! That's great that it turned out to just be a program conflict! I don't know much about video recording software myself, so I'm not sure what might have been the issue besides it just being a resource-heavy program, perhaps. But at any rate, I don't think your first episode was terrible at all, and I would definitely watch if you kept going :D But of course don't feel pressured to, ahaha. I'm just glad that you can play the game normally now :)

This is great!! And I think the quality is fine! I didn't even notice anything off as I was watching it, so no worries. Really enjoyed watching your play-through and looking forward to when you do the next video. Thanks for playing the game and glad you're enjoying it so far!

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Love it!! Thanks so much for this great vid, and I love the picture you drew for the thumbnail, ahaha. So sorry that you weren't able to get the laggy issues worked out, but I still enjoyed watching the let's play and it was really entertaining. Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it even through the lag!

[Edited because I noticed I use the word "amazing" way too much, ahaha.]