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This was an incredibly poignant little story! I really enjoyed getting to know more and more about both Hal and Lin—they're honestly so cute (but also sad and tragic and make me want to cry??). I love the little snippet we get of their dynamic in the flashback scene, and it made me want to know more about how their relationship developed before what happened? AND ALSO WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED IN GENERAL? BECAUSE???

The whole soft and sad vibe of this was really lovely and it did a lot to add to the whole feeling of just... subdued hopelessness and sadness that Hal is feeling about life. I feel like the art style and color palette work really well together to set the tone. And I LOVE the animation of the snow in the title screen! It sets it up right from the beginning to just have this kinda... weighted vibe to it, that only grows as we learn more about Hal's thoughts and what she's going through.

Will be really looking forward to seeing how this story progresses! Especially as right now I can't see how the happy ending will come?? LOL so now I'm quite curious just what will end up happening. A really lovely job overall!! 💕

LOL THAT IS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE ORIGINAL INSPIRATIONS. The original story ideas I had for this game (mostly for Arc 1, after that things got really off the rails LOL) were really inspired by early Vocaloid, RPG Horror games, and other horror media I was into at the time. Stuff like Alice Human Sacrifice and Fear Garden on the Vocaloid side, Witch's House and Mad Father on the RPG Horror side, and then a big chunk of inspiration from stuff like American McGee's Alice, Stephen King's It, and other VNs like Umineko and Higurashi. Music in general has also been a big inspiration. Not only music from the above listed stuff (particularly Umineko) but also from movies and such, like the OSTs from Sinister, 28 Days Later, and also a handful of FNAF fan s-songs 😶💦

Oh gosh thank you??? What a lovely comment, this is too sweet 🥺💕It means the world to me that you'd take the time to let me know your thoughts!! And I'm ecstatic that you've enjoyed the game so much so far! Ahhhh and that you like the characters so much 💕 It always makes my heart squish to hear things like that!

Thank you for this lovely comment—it really made my day! 🥰

THAT IS TOO SWEET. Thank you so much, honestly. As much as I enjoy writing darker stories, I also love sprinkling them with a bit of laughter and soft spots, too. I'm really glad you enjoy it!! 🥺💕

Your support means so much!! Hearing that people like and can connect to the story always gives me so much motivation. I will keep working hard!!

Oh, my gosh, that is such high praise, ahhhhhhh 😭💕 Thank you very much??? And thank you so much just for playing and taking the time to let me know! I'm really happy that you've enjoyed the game so far!

I also love Cecil a lot—he has quite the soft spot in my heart 🤭 He will definitely show up again in Arc 5 and get some time to shine! I'm really glad you like him, especially as he's a char that really came out of nowhere and grew quite a lot in his role lol

Thank you again!! And I hope you'll enjoy the final arc once it's finished! 💕

JDLKASDJFD GODDDDDDDDDD thank youuuuuu,,, 🥺💕I am really touched ahhhhh. Your words are too kind aldkjfalsd 💦

THIS COMMENT. GOSH. KFJALKSDFJAD I'm not even sure what to say, this is just too nice. My heart is extremely squished! 😭💕

"I dont think i have EVER been this attached to a game and its characters until i played Our Wonderland." --> This is literally such high praise and it's doing things to my insides and I may or may not have smiled so hard I now have a mild headache LMAO DLKAFJD Thank you so much for playing the game and for taking the time to write up all these wonderful words!! I'm so glad that you like the game and characters so much???

Arc 2 also holds a special place in my heart,,,💕 I'm really happy you like the Genzou/Iggy dynamics. I legit love all the ships near and dear with every inch of my heart, but the Genzou/Iggy stuff has the most personal pang to it for me, so I always feel a bit weepy when people tell me they like the two of them.

"it shows that he really did care for him in a way but thats what also confuses me since he never actively stood up for him against Genzou when they were kids." --> S-something something complex interpersonal group dynamic complications.... or something... LDKAFJSD Honestly a-... a big part of what frustrates me about Iggy (and, in turn, myself) is an unwillingness to go against the grain and cause tension to the point of the detriment of those around him. It's something I personally also struggle a lot with... which I think is how it bled into Iggy's character. It's perhaps not one of his better characteristics but part of what ultimately makes him "him," I suppose... as frustrating as that is at times.

"(also, his dancing skills are on point)" --> LOL GOD SO TRUE. If only I could dance like that 🤣

"im actually hoping that they will accept Iggy for who he is and eventually go on to figure out who they are as well." --> I hope this, as well... 🥺 I feel like this is a big part of what Gidget needs. To figure out who they are and accept themself. And only after that will they be able to find a healthy relationship with someone else.

"I feel like everyone at one point in their live (myself included) struggles so much with gender and sexual identities" --> Indeed...😭 I'm really glad you could relate to/sympathize with him, that really means a lot. Especially since so much of this game is so personal to me. Iggy tries so hard, but sometimes there are just things that are very difficult,,, 💦 Particularly when one already has a hard time putting their thoughts and feelings into words and understanding people's expectations.

GOSH EVERY DAY DLAKFJSDLFK I-it will still take me a while, I think... I'm making good progress on Arc 5 but it will be the longest arc out of them all, and also I feel somewhat anxious about making sure I get things right, so I feel like my production process has gotten slower and more careful as a result dlkajfsd BUT I WILL KEEP WORKING HARD. And I am very grateful for your support 😭 Don't worry, there will indeed be more Genzou/Iggy moments. They've already done a number on my emotions multiple times just in what I've finished so far LOL Thank you so so much again for playing and for this comment! This was so lovely to read and really made my day!! 🥰

Oh gosh what a lovely comment!! This also must have taken you forever LDKAFJSDLKFA thank you so so much for taking the time to write up all your thoughts. And also for playing and supporting and loving the game!! This is too sweet and making me tear up a bit 🥺💕

LOLOL I'M SO HAPPY YOU LOVE ORLAM s-scrawny little people-eating redhead,,, I love him so,,, And hhhhhhhhh I'm so happy you could see parts of yourself/thoughts in Iggy, as well! I always get really happy and weepy when other aces tell me they like and can relate to Iggy. A lot of this story is very personal to me, as well, particularly a lot of Iggy's experiences and thoughts, so hearing that others can also relate really somehow makes me very emotional and happy.

IT MUST HAVE TAKEN YOU SO LONG TO PLAY IT THEN?? Omg using a translator, especially since this game has SO MUCH TEXT. Guhhh... I can't believe you stuck through it even through everything 🤣💦 Somehow that really means a lot,,, thank you for playing and loving it even though it was so much for difficult for you to experience it 😭 I only wish I could offer the game in more languages!! But I don't have any money to pay for translation, and it would cost so much because the game is so long,,, GUH. It would be such a dream though.

"This game was literally one of those things that kept me afloat and did not allow me to drown in the abyss of self-flagellation ahah" --> I HOPE EVERYTHING IS OK??? Omg,,, I'm really so sorry to hear that things haven't been good for you and you've been going through some tough times. I'm glad at least I could help in some way and that this game was able to give you a little bit of something to help you through. I also hope things are a bit better now for you. Making this game has also gotten me through some tough times, as well. Sometimes it has felt like one of the only things pushing me forward and keeping me going at times because it's so important to me. 

Thank you again so much for this lovely and sweet comment. IT'S NOT BAD AT ALL. It's really beautiful and really touched me. Thank you so so much. I hope that you'll enjoy the rest of the game when I (finally manage to) finish it!! ldakfjasl 🥰


This is too wonderful and nice of a comment, I don't even know what to say! 😭💦💕 Thank you so much for playing?? And for writing up all these lovely words AHHHHD LKFAJSDLFKA. I'm really really happy you're liking the game so much! GUH AND FOR THE LOVELY COMMENTS ABOUT THE CHARACTERS AND ART. You're seriously going to make me cry!! It means the world to me hearing from people who have played and enjoyed the game and gives me such motivation to work even harder to finish this thing 😤

I hope that you'll continue to enjoy it, and that you'll like the final part once it's finished! Thank you again SO MUCH!! I couldn't stop grinning while reading your comment. Really brightened my day 🥰

I'M SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO FINALLY PLAY THIS. Between being busy and traveling and sick and generally not being in a great headspace it's been hard to catch up with stuff.


And I have to say, this is just gorgeous! I'm in love with the way you handled the NVL format—it really radiates this sort of animated storybook vibe, with the way the illustrations move. And the way you set up the UI with the text on one side and illustrations on the other adds to it even more. It feels like opening up a book and turning each page to see new images come to life. Some of the effects in particularly I found really neat—for instance how you animated the veins on Vanessa's mother neck.

Story-wise, I loved seeing these initial little snippets of each character. Even though they left me with even more questions than when I started LOL But I did start to feel like I felt them more as characters and was slowly getting a vibe of how their stories and arcs would play out. To me, it felt like the biggest takeaway from each different snippet was the overarching feelings and emotions that connected everything to help form each character's path—from the loneliness and heartache of River's, to the panic and guilt of Cyen's, to the happiness turned tragedy of Vanessa's. And then how they all shared a similar purpose towards something because of their past experiences.

I'm very intrigued and looking forward to diving deeper into their stories and seeing how they do all connect in the end heheh.

Also loved the bit where once you played all three you got like a super-sekrit ending sequence of all the chars and illustrations and sneak-peeks for future stuff—that was a nice touch and was a nice sense of completion.

Overall just really lovely! I enjoyed the NVL style a lot, especially with the way you handled it and the use of animation. I think it also could be really cool to add music to it, even if it's just more ambient-type tracks, to really hammer in some of the overarching emotions of the scenes??

At any rate, looking forward to seeing more!!


I am working hard and trying my best!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much???? I'm so touched that you would play the game and then also so happy that you enjoyed it so much and took the time to write all this up ahhHHHH dklajsdf 😭💕

GUHHHH I'M OVERJOYED YOU LIKE THE ENDING BIT. The arc endings always take me so long to do, tho Arcs 1 and 2 in particular were just grueling HAHAHA so I'm always really happy if people say they liked them.

"Iggy feelings and struggles for being ace are so realistic and I felt so seen" --> HHHHH THIS FILLS ME WITH SUCH JOY. I am so glad. I always hope that people will be able to relate to or see bits of themselves in Iggy if even just a bit. So much of this story is so personal, so hearing that others can also feel seen in some of what happens and his experiences really means so much. Thank you for telling me 💕

"Arc 3 was my favorite just to fulfill my dreams of being an evil royal advisor." --> HAHAHAH this cracked me up. Arc 3 is definitely,,, well,,, it's definitely something. I think it will forever be the most different of all the arcs thematically, as it really just goes off the rails LOL I am glad you enjoyed it 🤭

"I also just realized you made Easter too which I played a while back and it made a lot of sense XD it had the same vibe and the art was very charming." --> AKDJFLA oh my gosh you played that, too dlkajdlkfa Easter was my first foray into game dev and though there are things I don't like as much about it now, it will still always hold a special place in my heart, so that makes me rather giddy to hear that you also liked that. LOL HAD THE SAME VIBE. This is both unsurprising and surprising to me at the same time, as in my head, the two projects are quite different from each other,,, (and even my art style has changed and evolved since working on Easter). But I do feel like a lot of my inspirations for stories and game dev stuff come from similar places for both of the games, so it probably leads to similar vibes between the two of them. OW was even originally going to be an RPG Maker game just like Easter when I first started working on it.

At any rate, thank you so much again for playing and for writing up this lovely comment! What a wonderful thing to read! And thanks for the well wishes! I will keep working hard on Arc 5 🥰

I DON'T BLAME YOU THAT'S A LOT TO TAKE IN IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME ALDFKJALSDKF Glad you are happy to return to it tho LOL I feel like this arc is definitely the most intense of them all,,, 💦 Always so happy to read your thoughts though!! They always make me re-analyze so much of my own stuff HAHAH

"And that's obviously the point lol because not even gidget really knows who she is!" --> That's such a great point. For so much of Gidget's life, they've put on an act of what they think those around them would prefer or like or what would make them feel more welcome (or in Iggy's case, what would get his attention/attraction). This is such a big reason why I feel like before any healthy relationship could happen between them Gidget needs to do some deep introspection and figure out things about themselves first—otherwise, their entire relationship will always be built on this fake reality,,,

"obviously since she worked to fix herself, iggy should be willing to fix himself too right???" --> Somebody else brought up this correlation too just a little bit ago and it feels so on the money, even tho I'm not sure myself if I consciously was thinking about that when I wrote things (I'm actually quite bad when it comes to not noticing sometimes very obvious things in my own writing dkaflsjd) But indeed that whole scene was,,, really tough for me to write. A lot of Arc 4 in general was, but that scene in particular.

"Cecil was an interesting new addition that i was not expecting" --> Really interested hearing your thoughts on Cecil 🤭 He's a character that kinda came out of nowhere while developing the game and now I have no idea how I could have ever made it without him, he's become quite Important™ Then again this game and characters have already surprised me in so many ways that I'm no longer surprised to be surprised.

"but gidget's not ready to hear it " --> y-yes,,,,,,,, 💦

"look i know it's gidget's route but you KNOW i'm all about genzou and orlam's bullshit" --> LOL I AM UNSURPRISED. Though indeed I feel like despite this being Gidget's route, in the end, it turned out to be a very intense and monumental route for all three of them since it really acts as the climax for the middle arcs, so it needs to push all of them past what they've experienced before and most of the build-up needs to be laid out on the table to prepare for the finale in Arc 5,,, ANYWAY. I am very intrigued and 👀 about all your thoughts. Admittedly, I don't really want to say too much in response given that Arc 5 is still to come and I also want to leave some of,,, well, EVERYthing about this game up to some interpretation. I feel like that's a lot more fun and interesting. Especially since this will always be a story told from Iggy's perspective, who obviously doesn't see everything that's going on beneath the surface. But yes, it is indeed "a messy situation all around" as you put it. For everyone involved alkdjfald

"reprise our roles as heartbroken drunk and hopeless hopeful" --> I AM EXTREMELY PROUD OF THIS LINE ALDKJFALSDKF I actually quite enjoy how Orlam's whole little monologue turned out in that part,,,

"i just wanted to highlight how special it was to have an asexual protagonist like Iggy. " --> Oh gosh, thank you so much for sharing your own thoughts and feelings?? 🥺 It's really interesting for me to hear the ways you both relate and don't relate. From my own perspective, being ace was something I found out relatively late in life after many years of not understanding why I couldn't seem to find someone, why I kept backing off as soon as I felt someone was getting too close too fast, and only after a Quite Horrible experience and some subsequent advice come to realize "oh,,,,,,,, I guess that's why." So a lot of those feelings of being lost and feeling broken without knowing why got translated into Iggy and his responses—along with probably my inner desires of wanting to be completely and wholly accepted by someone. But I know that all aces have their own different experiences of figuring themselves out or even just already knowing and never really questioning it. I know that not all aces will be able to relate to all the things Iggy experiences, but I hope there will be at least some parts others can see themselves in. Tbh sometimes I feel like this entire game has turned into a tragic play of all the things I wish I could have figured out about myself much earlier in life and how trying to navigate everything without that knowledge can make you feel really lost and screwed up. It perhaps wasn't the game I set out to make—but it's the game it seems to have become LOL 🤣💦 At any rate, thank you so much for sharing all that about yourself, it really means a lot to hear your thoughts and the ways you can personal relate (or not). I'm always incredibly interested in general hearing thoughts from other ace people regarding the game.

"but i DO understand the experience of the uncomfortable possibility of like. someone being conscious of ME in that way??" --> THIS SO MUCH.

OK, this comment is getting quite long LOL so I'm going to stop rambling and wrap things up. But really thank you so so much for taking all this time—for all four arcs!!—to write up your thoughts. I honestly love getting such detailed interpretations and reactions of the characters and story, whether it's things they like, didn't like, can relate to, can't relate to, or even just the things that Affected them lol It means so much! And I've really loved reading all your comments!! I hope I'll be able to live up to everything I've created so far with the final arc. I feel like my nervousness about this is one of the factors that's slowed down production a bit, as I really want to make sure I do things as well as I can dlkjafsldk Thank you again!!! 🥰

THIS DID NOT OVERSTAY ITS WELCOME AT ALL it was incredibly lovely and I've read it like five times already asldkfjaldsk 🥺💕 THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Not only for playing the game but also for taking all the time to write this whole thing up with your thoughts. I'm so glad you've enjoyed it so far??

Your thoughts on each of the characters are giving me life. I really love reading how you responded to each of them and your interpretations of some of the happenings. I'm happy that you like Genzou so much—he has a lot of issues and needs to work through some stuff and is definitely a huge asshole more often than not, but I just love him so in spite of everything ldkfjasd Some of the scenes in Arc 3 (and Arc 4) were really hard for me to write tbh. I sometimes feel like Genzou really ends up facing the worst out of any of them throughout all the arcs, the poor guy.

Guhhh also thank you for letting me know how much you relate to Iggy. That always makes me really happy to hear since so much of his story and experiences are so personal to me—I feel like a part of me when creating this was also to help others who might have similar thoughts or experiences be able to see themselves a bit in a character. I don't know, perhaps as some kind of way to feel like you're not necessarily alone. I DON'T KNOW. I have such a hard time when it comes to keeping friends and social situations in general. But I digress. I loved your little succinct summaries of the different arcs for him—they feel so on the money LOL I'm also really touched by you letting me know how you felt as a fellow ace, not only because I feel like so much of this game was a build-up of my feelings and experiences on coming to terms with being ace but also simply wanting to create more ace characters to throw out into the world since there's so few.

"the scene with Iggy gaming and Orlam in the background with his special guests caught me off-guard LOL." --> WHEEZING I'm so entertained whenever this gets brought up dklajfsldkfa I don't know why but I'm so in love with their chemistry despite how different they are from one another and I just love the idea of them having this deep love for each other while not needing to follow all the conventions of a typical couple. I really enjoyed exploring different types of relationships in this game. Like. Idk. Two people vibing with each other in a way that works for both of them and how it looks so different from person to person.

Gosh, I agree with you on so much of what you say of Gidget. I feel a lot of Gidget is based on my own dislike of ways that I saw myself becoming and my desire to fight back against that and my own annoyance at myself for giving in instead of holding my own and allowing myself to be who I know I am. So I also know that Gidget seriously needs to take some time to figure themself out before getting into any sort of relationship, especially one that would likely only exacerbate the issues they already are struggling with,,, GODDDD. Sorry, this is starting to get a bit meta LOL I will just say that yes I do love Gidget to bits the same as all the others and I relate to and struggle alongside them as a non-binary person but I also find them the hardest to forgive at times as an ace person and so my heart gets so conflicted fakdlsjf However, I hope that by the end of the game, they will have taken many of the necessary strides towards understanding themself better and both Iggy and them can find a place of understanding and caring for each other,,, (I say this as if I'm not the creator of the game LOL but also since I only have about half of Arc 5 written, I'm nervous as all heck about my ability to bring everything to a satisfactory close,,,)

Bucks and Hunar will definitely get more focus time in Arc 5 FINALLY. They do somewhat feel outside of a lot of the complications that are happening given that they're outside of the "love square." Their struggles aren't quite as entangled with direct things in Iggy's life, and when he's the POV protagonist, this makes it a bit harder to approach 🤔 But I hope that people will enjoy seeing how their story plays out in the end. They're perhaps more connected to Wonderland in general than any of the others considering the context,,, so that will also play a larger part in bringing this story to a close dkjafld

MMMMM OK WOW I ALSO WROTE QUITE A BIT. I was just really so excited by some of your comments and all your thoughts on all the chars!! I love talking about them so much with others. Thank you so much again for taking so much time to write all of this out!! Reading through everything was such a bright spot in my day! And I hope you'll enjoy Arc 5 when it (finally) is released!! 🥰

OH GOSH WHAT A LOVELY COMMENT 😭💕 Thank you so much for playing and writing all this up??? I was smiling the whole time I read this lsdkjfaklsd I really enjoyed reading all your thoughts on the characters.

It makes me really happy to hear that you could relate to Iggy so much. A lot of his struggles are based on my own and I really hoped I could share some of that with others who might also be able to relate and see parts of themselves in him. Gosh and I really love your little succinct summaries of each arc they are so on point HAHAHAHA 🤣💦

"Just a wholesome accepting guy who hides all his emotions and self loathing behind a bunch of absolutely awful puns, am I right, am I right? " --> SOBBING ALDKFJALSDKFJLAK

"I wonder if he had been in wonderland as long as the other 3 what sort of warped personality he would have." --> That's such a good question tbh I hadn't ever really thought of that before. I also am unsure if it would truly change him that much given all the context,,, gosh now this idea is going to plague me a few nights LOL Our Wonderland AU or something.

"Like the fact Iggy going to his house makes him want to throw a whole celebration for him and become partners in crime is so cute and tragic." --> SO CUTE AND TRAGIC I LOVE THAT. Also I'm literally dying at your description of the CG -- AGGRESSIVELY ASEXUAL -- what a hilarious choice of words I'm in stiches lkdfjasd

Gidget, goddd,,, Gidget also has a lot of me in them LOL which also has me feeling so conflicted about them, especially with how Iggy and them butt heads so much in their needs but underneath it both of them really just want to figure themselves out and find a place to belong (yet neither one really knows how to do so,,,). I'm so glad you enjoyed the Arc 4 dance scene tho I somehow ended up going super all out with that entire ballroom scene GOD. Also glad you picked up on the Cecil bit,,, 🤭💕

"I hope her and her hubby get a bit more focus in the next arc" --> THEY WILL DEFINITELY GET MORE SCREEN TIME IN THE NEXT ARC

Oh gosh tho thank you for the lovely words about the art and CGs that means so much dlkafjsd And thank you so much again for such a lovely comment—what a little bright spot in my day!!!! 🥺 I hope you'll enjoy the final arc once it's done! I'm rather nervous about literally everything about it as I just hope it will live up to everything before it and finish things in a way that leaves people feeling satisfied LOL W-we shall see, I guess,,, LOL

Anyways, have a lovely day and thanks again! 💕

Really exciting to see all the new things you're trying out with the 3D and Naninovel! I definitely know the feeling of trying out something new and then wanting to devote all of your time to it. Especially in this case if you do feel this is the direction you want to go, it wouldn't have made sense to keep going just for the Winter Jam and then to redo it anyway later, so I think in the end that was a good decision for you! (and also a lot less stressful!!)

I'll be looking forward to seeing where 2023 takes you with this game and your dev work!! Hopefully it stays something that's fun and enjoyable!

Omg I'm so glad you like the game(s)(?) LOL Thank you so much for playing and for leaving a comment!! PLEASE DON'T BECOME TOO OBSESSED THO I DON'T WANT TO BE IMPEDING ON YOUR LIFE LAKDJFALKSDJF

Honestly the whole story behind this game is kind of up in the air, up for interpretation, up for whatever you want it to be at this point. I originally came up with the story as something that would be completely separate and just a fun little thing to work on for Spooktober after Arc 4 and be rather sillay, but as I was working on it, it ended up fitting in a way that half made sense as something that could have actually inexplicably happened so I ended up leaning into it a lot harder than I expected to???

So whether you want to consider it completely and entirely canonical is up to you. I would say that if I were to try to fit it in somewhere it wouldn't be after Arc 4, since after Arc 4, well, things are a Bit Different, as you know, since you've played up through it kdfjalsdk My entire idea surrounding the loops is that there are a heck of a lot more than just the main 4 you see, particularly since there's all those game over deaths that would also restart things, etc. So in the end, there's no telling how many times they've actually looped. And so this game would be,,, somewhere in there, if treated as completely canonical. Though definitely towards the far end after quite a few have already passed. I will say there will be a few small cheeky references to this game in Arc 5, but nothing that would definitely say one way or another 100%.

SO............ I guess perhaps that didn't completely answer your question. Well, maybe? Like, I would say it's at least semi-canonical. In my heart, it is entirely canonical, but I also know there might be some things that don't quite 100% fit. So for that reason I say semi LOL

OK THIS ANSWER IS JUST GETTING REALLY RAMBLY NOW. Thank you again for playing tho!!! I'm really happy that you like the games!! 🥰💕

GOSH IT'S TRUE, THIS ARC REALLY GOES IN SOME,,,,, DIRECTIONS lol I think it's the most different of all the arcs in that regard -- it kinda just veers off in its own trajectory for a lot of different reasons LOL I think because a lot of the whole idea is Iggy trying to fit the mold of someone who would make each person happy (and ultimately failing,,,), and when it comes to Orlam that requires the biggest change out of all of them, so he just really goes off the rails,,, lol

LOL I'M GLAD YOU STILL ENJOYED IT THO??? And yes hahaha. This is the first route where things really start to change re: early Wonderland happenings -- a combination of Iggy himself along with me not wanting to subject people to the same things again and again. Arc 4 goes even further in this regard, making it the most different out of all of them when it comes to structure I think. I feel like Arc 3 is the first arc where the story really started to evolve past what I had initially planned for it and just grew and changed as I was writing.

"i really tried to be the better person but iggy wasn't having it anymore" --> HAHAHAHA. There's only so much you can do, it's true 🤣💦 And that's a great point about Gidget. With Iggy being the one acting out of sorts for himself, it creates an opportunity for Gidget to revert back to her non-Wonderland-affected self, at least for a while,,,


"for as much as this was orlams route, this really seemed more like iggy's corruption arc" --> THIS IS INDEED TRUE. 

"i was pretty pleased that for as sleazy as orlam was acting, he wasn't keen on getting into iggy's pants but he also wasn't the same as genzou who was satisfied with just being with iggy." --> I'm actually really happy that you even mentioned this. I feel like a bit of what I've also been wanting to do with this (besides everything else or something,,, who knows,,,) is show different types of relationships?? And how they all can work in different ways?? Idk. Obviously in the RL Orlam and Iggy could not live this hedonistic lifestyle (and kill and eat people LAKDSJFLKAS); however, I wanted to within that still start to get at the crux of their relationship and how they can both be there for each other and support and need each other in a way that's different from for instance Genzou and Iggy or Gidget and Iggy, etc. I think I mentioned it somewhere else before but I kinda see Orlam and Iggy as a queerplatonic thing??? But ofc anyone who plays is free to interpret anything as they see fit (as they can with any of the aspects of the game and characters ldkajfsd)

"speaking of orgies, god i was not expecting that cg of iggy gaming while orlam was getting boinked in the background like SIR in front of my unethically sourced ham??? anyway" --> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok I really just laughed out loud at that dlkfajds 😭💦

"orlam asked about genzou and whether he talked about him and god, that just wrecks me. all the way back then?  buddy..." --> I-indeed,,, 🥺

"because it wasn't enough. it wasn't the right option" --> GUHHHH THIS IS SOMEHOW SO WELL-PUT AND ON THE NOSE LAKDJFALKSDJFALK

At any rate I AM GLAD YOU'RE STILL LIKING IT. And thank you so much for all your thoughts again, dang, I was smiling from ear to ear while reading these lakdjfalksd I really love hearing such detailed thoughts and feels and interpretations of things so much, this is such a delight LOL So thank you thank you thank you!!!! 😭💕 And I hope you'll enjoy Arc 4! It is,,, perhaps the most intense arc yet,,, for a lot of different reasons,,,

DJFJFHDHD THANK YOU FOR WRITING UP YOUR THOUGHTS AGAIN. I am enjoying these so much omg 🤭💕 I'm glad you liked Arc 2!!

There are still a lot of parts of Arc 2 that mean a lot to me,,, particularly the Genzou/Iggy scenes (I may have shed a few years in their creation fjdjdj). So I'm glad that you liked their relationship. Re: Gidget I'm also glad you're seeing something else there. Again, not wanting to get into anything that will spoil anything, but later arcs will reveal a lot more going on there, as well, particularly Arc 4, which focuses more on Gidget.

LOLOLOL I KINDA KNEW YOU'D BRING UP THE ORLAM AND GENZOU STUFF AGAIN. I actually forgot a bit what all I'd already included in Arc 2 (it feels so long ago now that I worked on it LOL). I'm so amused by all the little things you're picking up on 🤭💕

"So Genxou and Orlam from the time between him going blind and after prom had...something, brewing in the background while iggy was avoiding Genzou because of guilt." ---> FHFJDJDJD GODDD you're one of the only ones I've ever seen bring this up/latch onto this, I'm pretty entertained right now LOL I always wondered if anyone would pick up some of those little things in the river scene, since it goes by so quickly.

"That's the first time we really see Genzou uncomfortable." --> Indeed... It generally takes a lot for Genzou to be openly uncomfortably/affected like that fjfjdj I feel like this arc is probably the most intense when it comes to Genzou like that,,, (well,,, maybe,,,)

"So there's three things at play here, with Genzou and iggy in the middle." --> GOD THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH THAT YOU WROTE. IT'S AFFECTING ME DEEPLY FHFJDJD Gosh this hits so much of what's going on so hard LOL Just reading this is making me grin something awful fjdjd


Godddd this whole thing just made my morning 🤣💦💕 I'm loving reading your thoughts so much!!!! Thank you again for all the time taken to write these up, and I'm glad you're still enjoying it! Hope you'll enjoy Arc 3,,, I feel like with Arc 3 things really start to descend into,,, into,,, well they descend into something, that's for sure!! 😂 Thanks again!! 🥰

Omg,,, I'm honestly having a hard time figuring out how to reply to this because you've really hit so many nails on the head, it feels (and some of those nails being ones I didn't even necessarily know existed FHFJDJR). Especially you saying how much you see yourself in Iggy,,, Iggy is very much heavily based on me and my own ways that I approach things and my own past experiences and my own thoughts, etc. So I can definitely agree and say that's it's not a pretty picture. Many of the scenes in the game have taken a lot out of me to write as it really does feel like forcing myself to look and think critically about some of this stuff. It's been quite an eye-opening journey at times, and I've felt so many things. It really means a lot that you would tell me all that and that you relate to him like that. I get the feeling that you and I are probably pretty similar LOL One of my hopes with this game has honestly always been that others can also relate to some of what happens and see parts of themselves in the chars, as well.

"iggy is not the worst thing that ever happened to his friends and the further i go into the game im assuming he's going to come to understand that himself" --> Yes I would definitely say that's a big thing that he needs to learn to understand and confront fjfjdjd 🥺 Though I just hope my skills in writing are enough to pull off everything in a way that works LOL we shall see once I actually finish this whole thing hahahaha 🤣💦

Gosh this is such a great hard look at the characters and the various things going on. I really love reading your thoughts and interpretations of the dynamics!!! Thank you so much for writing them up! 😭💕


I love replying to comments fhfjfjf ppl take their time to write such sweet and thoughtful things and it means so much to me I want to gush all over the page and also cry a million tears LOLOL 😭💦💕

YOUR COMMENT IS LOVELY AND WONDERFUL AND GREAT DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR ANYTHING??? Thank you so much ahhhHHHHHH this comment has honestly made my morning!! It's so sweet! Thank you for playing and for taking all the time to write this up! It's honestly touched my heart so much 🥺💕

I'm so glad you liked the music and art!! The music in this game has been such a deep inspiration to me while working on the game. Even though I can't compose music myself, I spend a lot of time searching for and listening to tons and tons of music to find stuff I feel matches the scenes. Also the music even sometimes inspires new scenes!!

GUHHH YOUR WORDS ABOUT IGGY ARE LITERALLY GOING TO MAKE ME CRY. Thank you especially for writing up your thoughts about that. As an ace person myself, I think that a lot of my deep thoughts and feels ended up making their way into this game LOL and a lot of the different scenes and convos ended up being super cathartic for me to write. I'm incredibly happy and moved that the scenes could also mean something to you. Honestly sometimes I think that is one of my biggest hopes for this game -- that ppl can relate to some of what happens and it can mean something to others and ppl can feel seen, especially since so much is inspired by my own experiences fhcbd. So thank you so much for telling me that 💕

Heheheh yes I know what you mean about the characters LOL I love them all to bits but gosh do they all have major things they need to work through 🤣💦 But tbh that's part of why I love them. I just really like flawed characters and complicated dynamics and gray areas where there isn't a right or a wrong. Wh-who can say if they'll ever all actually be happy,,, we'll have to see if I can actually do a good job wrapping this whole disaster up in Arc 5!! LOL

Hope you will have a very lovely holiday, as well!! Thank you so much again for playing the game and leaving your thoughts! This comment felt very special and really made my heart squish. I'm glad you could get so much out of the story and chars 🥰

OH GOSH HELP. THAT IS LITERALLY BEYOND NICE??? What an absolutely lovely compliment and such high praise, I don't even know quite how to respond to this dhdhdhdh 😭💕

Thank you so so much for playing the game and for letting me know your thoughts! Gosh my heart is squishing so much right now LOL I'm really glad especially that you enjoyed the characters so much, this game and story really depend so much on them so I always feel really happy when ppl say they enjoyed the chars or related to them or things like that. GUHHH AND I'M GLAD YOU LIKE THE ART, TOO 🥺

I hope you'll end up enjoying the final part when it comes out!! I'll keep working hard! And hope you'll have a lovely holiday, too!! Thank you so much again for taking the time to write this up and sharing your thoughts with me -- it means so much!! 🥰💕

AhhhHHHHH thank you so much for playing!! And for writing up this comment! 🥺💕I'm glad that you're enjoying it so far??? I hope you'll continue to enjoy it as you finish up the rest of the arcs heheh. I think it gets a bit more intense as it goes,,, things just really start going off the rails more and more LOL

"This group of friends are a hot fuckin mess. " --> GOD THEY REALLY ARE. This is extremely true... 😭 Th-they all have a lot of things they need to work through... AND THEY NEED TO BE BETTER AT TALKING TO EACH OTHER? MAYBE??? Who can say.

"Is it weird to think Orlam has or had a messy crush on Genzou?" --> LOLOLOL GOSH I-... I can't really answer this without giving away spoilers hahaha. But I will just say that a lot more will slowly come to light about them in later arcs, particularly Arcs 3 and 4. I'm really loving reading your observations though. There's a lot of stuff I always wonder about how people interpret or respond to especially some of the stuff in the earlier arcs as they play through, so I'm always like 👀!!! whenever someone shares with me their thoughts while playing for the first time alkdjfas

"nvm he could've stuck to revenge murder and not cannibalism" --> OK THIS JUST MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD HAHAHAH

Yeah the cafeteria scene is really awful,,, it's one of those scenes that still makes me sad just thinking about it (among others, but,,, lol)

At any rate, I'll be really interested in seeing how you end up liking the later arcs and your thoughts on them!! This was so lovely to read -- thank you so much for typing up your thoughts!! And I'm so glad you're enjoying the game so far!! 🥰💕

GUHHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU VERY MUCH??? I'm so glad you ended up liking it!! Thanks so much for giving it a try despite your initial expectations hahahaha. It means so much that you would take the time to write up this lovely comment 🥺💕

LOL THE GENZOU AND IGGY SCENES AFFECT ME THE MOST TOO. Many of my own tears were spilt during production kadlfjasdk

"idk if you are a solo dev" --> Yes, it's just me LOL though I don't do absolutely everything. For instance, I'm not a composer or sound designer, so I use royalty free music and sound effects. But the writing, art, and scripting is just me. (It's also why it takes me so long sometimes ldkajfldk)

"I honestly don't know how to write a fancy review/comment" --> THIS COMMENT IS ALREADY WONDERFUL AND LOVELY AND MAKING ME TEAR UP 😭💕

Thank you thank you thank you again!!! This really made my day waking up to read this this morning. I'm just really so happy you like the chars and story! And LOLOL don't worry -- there isn't really a *bad* ending per se? The main/core ending of the game will be the same no matter what, but based on your choices, you can influence who Iggy will end up with at the end essentially, which in turn will give you some different scenes/moments in Arc 5 and will affect the final epilogue. But I will probably still write up at least something to give more hints etc. in case anyone has any difficulties getting the ending they want (there will be 5 different endings total). So I will keep that on my list as something to do in the future for sure! 🥰

Omg thank you!! I'm glad they can be entertaining LOL especially since it often takes me so much energy to write them so I always hope people reading them will at least find some value in them aldkjfalskdj

Yeah the endings will be based on the choices! It will indeed add more work on top of just finishing the main story, but I always wanted people to be able to kind of steer parts of the story in directions they'd prefer based on their own likes heheh. Even though the main story/ending will be the same no matter what, I like the idea of still allowing for the extra stuff and other story beats to be changeable hehe. But yeah I'm not looking forward to the additional work dlakjfsd

Thank you so much!! I will try my best LOL 😭💕Have to just keep chuggin' along lol




I hope you'll have a lovely holiday as well!! And that you'll enjoy the full game once I finally manage to get it out!! Thank you so much for your support and lovely words 🥰

Oh gosh,,, this comment made me tear up a little bit 🥺💦 Thank you so much not only for playing the game but also to go out of your way to make an account and write down your lovely words and thoughts. It honestly brings me so much joy just hearing from people who have played it, and even more so people who say they got something out of the experience.

"I suspect some odd tear came in the process" ---> YES LOLOL this is a very accurate suspicion dhchdhd I have definitely shed more than a few tears on this game, especially the parts that were either closely inspired by my own experiences or were kind of,,, mmm deep rooted wishes I'd been perhaps bottling up a bit. So many parts of this story mean so much to me. 

"made me a bit braver to write my own stuff the way I want" --> OH GOSH FHFHDHDDU now I am really going to cry! It can definitely be difficult to write things that are very important to you. I hope that you'll be able to get all your own words and stories out onto paper 💕 And I'm extremely touched that my story could help give you some courage and confidence??? 😭

Thank you so so much again! This was absolutely the sweetest comment to get and you really made me smile! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the game and took time out of your day to tell me!! 🥰💕

Omg thank you for this lovely comment!! It touches my heart that you've been following along for so long. Still can't believe it's come this far 🥺Thank you so much for all of your support! I hope you'll enjoy seeing how everything eventually ends! 🥰💕

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You are too sweet!! Hope you'll have a very lovely start to 2023!! 🥰💕

LMAO ARC 4 INDEED CAN BE THE HARDEST ONE TO PLAY. So many scenes in that one still break my heart in two lkdjfalsdk 😭💦Omg though thank you!!! That really means a lot. I shall try—and I hope you will have a nice holiday and new year's, too!!

(ALDKJFALSDKFJALSDFAJD YOU ARE TOO KIND HELPPPPP that is so sweet thank you,,, going to cry,,, 🥺💕)

Oh, thank you very much!! 🥰 It has certainly been A YEAR LOL I'm not sure I've had a year full of so many different ups and downs for a while. I was just so all over the place hahahahaha

And thank you!! I've been having a lot of fun with little art pieces lately. Sitting down and drawing something that makes me happy is one of my go-to ways for grounding myself and this month in particular I've needed it quite a lot DLKFLAKJSDFLA That and I'm just a sucker for cute wintery things,,, 🥺💕

OH GOSH. Thank you so much for this comment and for sharing your thoughts!! I'm so happy that you like the characters, they are truly so near and dear to my heart. So whenever I hear that ppl enjoy them and their interactions, it fills my heart with so much joy 😭💕

"at the same time I want to shake my screen because I need these characters to have an honest conversation with each other" --> GOD I FEEL THIS SO MUCH EVEN WHILE I'M WRITING THEM LOLOLOL

"these characters are already living in my head rent free and they don't need more real estate" --> this is such high praise and literally turning me into a pile of mush help dlfkajdlkfajsd

GUHHHHHHH THANK YOU. This was such a little bright spot to my day reading this! Thank you for playing and for taking the time to write this, it means so so so much 🥺 I WILL KEEP WORKING HARD. POWER THROUGH TO THE FINISH LINE OR SOMETHING DFKJALKD 💕


I admit I had a lot of fun with Cecil in general. Some of his scenes are quite... 🤭 I am glad you enjoy him though LOLOL 

MESSING YOU UP ASDLKFJALSDK I am glad,,, 😈 LOL Gosh don't I feel that though. The characters do the same thing to me, loving them as they simultaneous drive me up a wall hahahaha. I'M REALLY HAPPY YOU'RE LIKING IT THOUGH. Thank you so much for playing and writing this lovely comment!! This gave me a little laugh 🤭 I hope you'll like Arc 4 and the rest of the game, too, once it's done!! 💕


I am very glad you enjoy it heheh. Thank you so much for playing and for letting me know!! I love that you love the chars so much my heart is squishing very much right now ahhhhh... 🥺 (please do eat and breathe more than this game though that doesn't sound healthy FJDJDJD)

HHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH???  😭💕 That means a lot! Thanks so much for playing and for letting me know! I hope that you'll like the final arc when it comes out! I will keep working hard 🥰

Hey!! Thank you so much for playing the game and for writing all this up! It really means so much to me when people take the time to write out their thoughts and let me know 🥺💕

Hahahaha it sounds like you really dislike Iggy 🤣💦I will be the first to admit that he's not always the most likeable character—and can probably be downright frustrating and annoying at times, particularly in the decisions he makes and things he does. A lot of Iggy's general struggles, especially when it comes to dealing with people, are based on a lot of my own experiences and struggles (and sometimes frustrations at myself). He's in no way meant to be perfect or even "good" tbh,,, he's just,,, himself. As are all the characters, really. None of them are "good," they're just people with a lot of issues they're all struggling with hacking it out against each other as they try to figure each other out. So it is, indeed, exactly as you say, a lot of really fucked up people with things made 1,000x worse because of the horrific situation happening 😂

At any rate, I hope that despite your general distaste for Iggy (and most of them??? LOL) you're still at least getting some enjoyment out of the story. It's definitely a frustrating and oftentimes infuriating and hopeless story in many ways, and though I'll never be able to make it so every character can fix every single one of those problems, I do hope the final ending will still be satisfying in a hopeful way that's leading towards a better situation than what they all have now lkdjaflsdkfja

At any rate, thank you so much again for writing up your thoughts and for playing the game!! If you do end up playing the final arc when it comes out, I hope you'll be able to enjoy it!  💕



The final choice shall be up to you heheh. The epilogue + some various scenes leading up the ending will be determined based on your choices throughout the game. Pretty much so long as you're mostly friendly to Genzou you should get the choice to have Iggy end up with him LOL 😊 My idea behind the choices was to give people some influence over the story based on their own prefs (and also because I just love all of them too much fnfjdjfjs).

Thank you for playing the game and for writing this lovely comment! 🥺 People saying they like Genzou/Iggy always make me smile and want to cry 😭💕