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A procedural generation tool that uses images instead of text code. · By zaratustra

Share interesting imagegram codes

A topic by Rokonuxa created Apr 24, 2019 Views: 248 Replies: 4
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I always wanted to see what others did, as I myself have so far mostly modified presets (Mostly the dungeon) and want to see the true potential of this tool.

If zaratustra is okay with it, I would like to open this topic for submissions of full imagegram links, paired with a description.

Here are two of mine and a template of sorts:

  • Title: The worm builds the dungeon
  • Description: Deriviative of the dungeon1 preset, where the rooms are not generated at start, but instead by a small white-yellow worm thing. Takes a long while to become substantial.
  • Link: Worm
  • Needs Black Line Fix?: No


  • Title: MetroidVania Inspirator
  • Description: A Dungeon2 Deriviative, which roughly darkens much of the generated dungeon and then deletes everything else, leaving a husk that immediately stood out to me as something that could be a map of Dracula's castle.
  • Link: Castle
  • Needs Black Line Fix?: Yes


The Black Line Fix is a hint that it contains seperators, which get slightly broken when sharing a link, meaning the lines need to be completed manually, before the result is as expected.


I'll look into the black line issue, thanks!

You did not know about it? I just thought it was too small to care about...

From what I know, It always happens when copying the url from a imagegram that uses black seperator lines to distinguish between two processes. It just leaves out the first and last pixel and this obviously breaks most of them.


Should be fixed now.

(1 edit)

I just tested it. Besides needing to redo the link using the "?rules=" section onwards, to not get an XML error, It works now.

For comparison, The old link:

The new link: