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Any news on when there will be a new Update?

A topic by bondDIVAKAMIKAZE created 93 days ago Views: 130 Replies: 5
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It seems there hasn't been an update to the stable version for more than 1 year xd


Yeah... We're not happy about that too. We originally wanted to release something by March this year (just in time for NaNoRenO), but that target too has been missed. We realized that there has to be something wrong with the way our development works, and we're kind of evaluating it right now to see what is the problem. Development is definitely not stopped though, we're still working on it every day. We're not ready to say a lot for now, but we'll make sure to give proper explanation (including roadmaps) when the time is right. We're really sorry for this and can't thank you enough for keeping up with us.


Glad to hear that you guys are still working on it ! 
Also take your time to figure out what's wrong :) 


i try request refund , sorry guys but with this it will be finished or usable in like 2030. 


We're sorry to hear that, but we understand fully about your decision. If you find some difficulties when dealing with the refund process, please let us know.

try vroid studio - it's free