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will be possible to release DDLC! for nintendo switch  ? I will pay money for this. Thank you for answer.

i try request refund , sorry guys but with this it will be finished or usable in like 2030. 

It is bad. Very nice character generator . Ok so i will release only for my friends and family.

So i decide trying create my own visual novel game. But i really sucks at drawing and even with free assets available i am not satisfied with them. So i find out one particular "game" have very nice character creator and easy poses. It is legal to use that characters (screenshots) to create my game ? Created game will be free and its just short visual novel to test waters if i will be good at it. Characters are compiled from clothes from original game and mods from internet.

In game manual it is forbidden use screenshots .

Quote from manual (really bad english) : 

● Reproducing or modifying parts or the entirety of this program, its data, and/or its manual is prohibited by law. 
Furthermore, under no circumstances do we allow sharing or uploading files to the Internet, rental for commercial purposes, sales of used products, and similar uses. 

● We prohibit secondary uses of this product such as video distribution and the use of screenshots. 

Thank you for suggestions.

Thank you for answer and assurance that updates will coming in as fast as you can release them.

And thank you for making character generator.  Cant really find something easy to use and with nice graphic.

Mannequin community · Created a new topic My few points

Just buy it few days ago. In general i like it but in terms of content it lacks so much. It should have hundreds of items now. I know it is early acces but still.

Anyway more and more items. Atleast few a week.  

Sometimes joints arent connected properly like in ankle or hand.

Jacket in some poses is invisible.

Allowing add stuff from others so it can grow. 

And as i say its nice piece of software. But please update more frequently and add tons of stuff.