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10x gold streak

A topic by Wynn created Apr 20, 2019 Views: 1,445 Replies: 2
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What exactly is a gold streak? And how do you chain 10 of them in a row? This level requirement seems pretty difficult compared to anything else I’ve seen so far. 

Playing on iOS. 


Hello Wynn,

When you collect 5 consecutive gold blocks without stopping, you get a gold streak and a yellow square appears at the top bar indicating you make it. You need to continue collecting gold streaks until you chain 10 in a row.  Achieving 10 gold streaks in a row is challenging and here you have some hints to make it - focus on this achievement at the start of the game, as it gets harder as you go deeper, and use some boost to get the first chains quicker. 

Good luck!

It seems to be more than 5 on mobile 

And what breaks the chain tho?  I'm getting tired of playing trying to achieve it.

If it's based on the level generation, that seems pure luck than skills then.