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It seems to be more than 5 on mobile 

And what breaks the chain tho?  I'm getting tired of playing trying to achieve it.

If it's based on the level generation, that seems pure luck than skills then.

Takume community · Created a new topic A lovely story

I really enjoyed playing. A bit too short for my liking though.

But the ending is really good.

Very enjoyable. I just wish we could take care of the plant a little longer.

Funny game for a Youtuber

Very simple a nice little game. Had very good time playing.

This game is fantastic. I really loved it. Too bad for the occasional crashes.

I wish all the best for the rest of the development.

Very interesting idea. I loved playing this game even if I got lost at some point.

Maybe a bit too short.

Very well made puzzle and nice graphics. Would love to play more.

It really been a fantastic adventure playing this game. Very relaxing

I really enjoyed the game. Very well made and well designed.

Here my playthrough: