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Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle

Fight for justice in this anime-themed graphic adventure game! · By Ethan Fox


A topic by yamete created Apr 20, 2019 Views: 152 Replies: 1
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this was done so well as it reminds me of ace attorney and its trilogies 

at times it was funny but besides that i cant help but think  back that i shouldve looked back on my information before making random accusations ;-;;; smh i make way too many mistakes god...

keep working hard! i hope to see more of nina aquila :)



And don't feel bad about that :D Nina Aquila Chapter 2 is going to have a new interface for browsing and presenting evidence, which will be easier to use.

Also, just before I release Chapter 2, I'm going to update the Chapter 1 version to use this new interface too, along with a few other small updates.