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Sadly, I don't know how to scroll through the images of the CG. It's a little disappointing...

The reason why I'm posting this is because, if I were to get help from a kind senior, it would always freeze up the screen. 

This guide will contain spoilers.

Chapter 1 -> The Real Itsuki Is Super Cool! -> Me? ->Don't Drink -> Don't Sing -> (Some CG art)

Chapter 2 -> I Don't Really Mind...

Chapter 3 -> Choices here will affect other characters. 

--> Go Somewhere I Don't Usually Go = Itsuki's Route

---->Because They Have Regrets

--> Don't Go Anywhere = Sakura's Route

----> Tease Him (I don't think it matters here. Teasing Sakura would give you more CG art)

--> Go To The Sakura Tree After All = Hinata's Route

Chapter 4 (If this chapter doesn't unlock, you have to gain affection for Itsuki's route. Meet up with Itsuki as much as you can and get along with him. You may have to rerun Chapter 3 and choose his route.

-> Idol -> Aoi ->Get Info From Aoi Himself -> Aoi

Chapter 5 (There's just story)

Chapter 6 (If this chapter doesn't unlock, you're going to rerun through Chapter 4 and stick with Aoi as much as you can.)

-> Karaoke -> Down -> Up -> Down

If you fail the last three questions, you get the ending [ Eventide Bird ]

Do You Wish To Go In?

--> Aoi, Can You Leave Me Alone? = [ Asymmetrical Scapegoat ]

--> Leave Me Alone, Akane = [ Ghost Blue ]

Let's Hurry And Go.

--> The Roof = [ Itsuki's True End ]

--> The Pool = [ Twilight Angel ]

Chapter 7 -> Ignore Them -> We Can

Chapter 8 (If this chapter doesn't unlock, rerun through Chapter 3 and raise affection for Sakura)

-> The Music Room -> Go and Fight Them

Chapter 9


---> I Will Never Accept It = [ Midnight Blue ]

---> I Need Time

-------> He's An Important Junior To Me = [ A Shell Of His Former Self ]

-------> He's A Special Person To Me

----------------> Don't Open It = [ Beautiful Storm ]

----------------> Open It = [ Sakura's True Ending ]

However... = Underground Yggdrasil ]

Chapter 10 (If this chapter doesn't unlock, you need to see both one of Itsuki's endings and Sakura's ending. It doesn't matter if they're if they're bad endings.

...I see -> Collect A Bit Of The Ingredients For The Stew Mission -> Call Out His Name = [ Lost Blue ]

You Can Do What You Want, You Know?  -> Gently Hold His Hand

The Great Stew Mission Tips!

- It's best to find the sauce recipe in the library first!

- Sakura won't give anything to Aoi unless he was by himself

- Hinata would part from Aoi for a little bit if you were to go to the Gym

- If you don't gather anything, it'll be an automatic game over. If you gather some things, you won't get the True Ending but [ Malicious ]

- You need to ask Itsuki to buy things for you twice!

- Making the perfect stew will result in you having the True Ending!

Chapter 11

-----> Stand Up

--------> I Love You

-----> Crouch = [ Perfect Dystopia ]

Go After Him. = [ Freeze Drown ]

Stay. = [ Hinata/Aoi's True Ending ]

Thank you so much! I was able to play the game but there's just a little problem... After booting up the game for a second time, the data doesn't save.

It saves however, if I am still playing the game. Please help?

Thank you so much! I was able to play the game but there's just a little problem... After booting up the game for a second time, the data doesn't save.

It saves however, if I am still playing the game. Please help?

Hm... I wonder why. I opened it through RAR opener but it couldn't work. Maybe we're supposed to zip it through Winzip?

Same. I don't understand why the second chapter in English doesn't work for me either...

Did you extract the file through Winzip or anything?

i see that chapter two is out but it's a rar file... how do you open rar files?

this was done so well as it reminds me of ace attorney and its trilogies 

at times it was funny but besides that i cant help but think  back that i shouldve looked back on my information before making random accusations ;-;;; smh i make way too many mistakes god...

keep working hard! i hope to see more of nina aquila :)

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By going into my laptop's control panel to change the region settings to Japanese Locale, I then launched the game and I was still unable to pass the chapter one scene!

All it does was show (I think) Aoi's bedroom and text wasn't unable to appear.

I have checked this topic and tried to click on the link, but that too doesn't work. Please help? I would really want to play the game... 

Please do!

Lost community · Created a new topic Little Question?

How many endings are there? I recently finished the game and felt like there was more to the heaven and hell part because there was still a mirror for Limbo but it wasn't activated >:T

I have finished the game by receiving the 'Genocide' route but I'm still stuck... ;-;

Oops. Really long wait for a response but it is the 32-bit version that I had downloaded.

Liked the art very much and the characters but there are a ton of grammatical errors. Other than that, are there other endings other than the 'left and right' choices?

Where is the walk-through ; u ; ?

I had downloaded the 32 bit version and the thing (showed in the picture @nasmi25 posted) happened to me. Is there a way to fix it?

Not sure if this is a part of the game but here's a bug :')