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Please do!

Lost community · Created a new topic Little Question?

How many endings are there? I recently finished the game and felt like there was more to the heaven and hell part because there was still a mirror for Limbo but it wasn't activated >:T

I have finished the game by receiving the 'Genocide' route but I'm still stuck... ;-;

Oops. Really long wait for a response but it is the 32-bit version that I had downloaded.

Liked the art very much and the characters but there are a ton of grammatical errors. Other than that, are there other endings other than the 'left and right' choices?

Where is the walk-through ; u ; ?

I had downloaded the 32 bit version and the thing (showed in the picture @nasmi25 posted) happened to me. Is there a way to fix it?

Not sure if this is a part of the game but here's a bug :')