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Toppy's Workshop

A no-jumpscare survival horror game · By HawkSandwich

Noticed bugs

A topic by TheLastYuriSamurai created 33 days ago Views: 47 Replies: 1
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So first off wow what a game and you should 100% be proud of it! But I felt the first topic should be bugs to address! 

-You can fall off the taller parts, and sort of stop on an invisible platform

-The one monster that I couldn't hit from the topmost platform (I showed you this)

-On the top platform by the stairs theres these bar things? If it hits the airplane ricochets away and I'm lucky I could find it afterwards

-The airplanes can fall into the crevices (though I think they did in fact reappear later maybe test to double check)

-The airplanes can go into the lil crevice NEAR the fire (I believe these were still counted, but still)

Otherwise great job!!!