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thanks! plans for a new game involve short, tight spaces which would probably create that effect. a higher draw distance is kinda necessary so player won't be lost as to where the furnace is when they start, but tight corridors should achieve the same goal

nice idea, an extra distraction or two would be more fun. thanks for playing :)

awesome, thanks for the vid! as for the monsters not dying when you hit them with a toy, it works like this: if the first thing the toy touches when you throw it is a monster, it kills it. otherwise it's not in "throwMode." just a cheap thing i threw together in the code and didn't bother making a more complex system for. with the out of the map glitches, i think it's kinda cool to leave those in for people to find. they don't help you win the game / progress in any way, so i think they're nice lil secrets to find.

oh cool, thanks! i released the game on Jan 9.


glad you like it. there might be smaller updates, but as of now i don't have any bigger plans for it.

fun watch, thanks for playing :) cool thumbnail too

this is so amazing, great work

thanks for playing! not sure what you mean by it being a specification, though

good stuff

great reactions lol

pretty nice, kinda creepy.

it'd be cool if one of the search buttons allowed for auto-spawning or something

glad you had fun with it, let me know if you beat it :)

really fun watch, thanks!

I didn't try downloading but i'm guessing you meant for that to be the Windows build. If you get that fixed please tell me, i'll play it :)

this is super nice, cool idea

i'd be so into that, it sounds awesome. sadly i don't have a VR set so i can't do that :( great idea though

Thanks for playing :) And yep, I've released 6 games since this one. You can check them out here:

wow thanks for introducing me to albino lullaby, it's fantastic! and thanks for playing my little game

very juicy and responsive. it'd be cool to see a game that looks and feels like this, but had a story or something. nicely done, and doubly so for a jam.

weird, it doesn't crash for me and i use firefox as well


nice art. i'll probably come back to this every now and then

thanks for playing :)

Seems really fun but it's way too laggy for me

In the web build, for me, on lvl 1, boxes just fall through the floor. If you want, you could set the rigidbody collision detection to continuous dynamic. Should fix the problem. I love the game idea though, if you update it let me know and I'll be sure to play it again :)


I played it again, but I don't think you've pushed out an update yet. I learned how to open the cabinets, so i was able to progress this time lol. I love the humor, the 10 Minute Power Hour reference, and the mood. The instructions should be way more clear, or you should be hinted in the right direction. I spent a fair amount of time confused, but overall a nice game. Especially for a jam. I'd like to see a more well fleshed out version :)

thank you! since it got so few downloads, i can't see myself making a full version. glad you enjoyed it though :)

Too confusing, sadly :/ I was really settling in because of how polished it feels, the humor and graphics. The parts I got stuck at were: figuring out i had to put the disc in the DVD player ("find something to stop the FBI" made me assume i needed a sword or something.) I couldn't find any bread to make the sandwich, so I stopped there. If the goals were made more clear I would've really enjoyed this game.

oh, neat. i'll give the game another go after breakfast

Boxes break as soon as they hit my cart..?

Cute game, great concept.

Nice, hope you like it!

Not sure there is, I think it's just UE4's way of handling lag or something. I don't know much at all about the engine, so I can't really help (sorry)

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Thanks, I didn't intend for it to be hard haha

Thanks a ton, that made me smile. I didn't make the music obviously, it's by Beethoven. But yeah, it fits well.