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awesome little game, i enjoyed it! if you want the reward of 3 of my paid games for free, you can message me on Discord (HawkSandwich#5516) or on Twitter (@hawksandwich_). i'm glad you made a game for the jam :)

awesome, thanks! :)

this seems cool, i want a PC version


awesome vid, a great way to start my morning. thanks!

great vid, thanks!

that hannibal ending caught me off guard, nice vid :)

super funny, thanks

glad you liked it!



the environment art is really really awesome, two thumbs up!

wow yeah, i just did it too. woopsie

pretty disturbing

ha thanks, i made it in about a day so i haven't glitch-tested whatsoever. i wouldn't be surprised if there's some way out (maybe jumping onto a villager's head?)

haha that's super cool to hear. alright, i'll give it away. it's morse code! there are three lights that flicker in the world, and each one flickers a certain message in morse code. i'll leave two a secret, but the pink one that's shining on the crate in the middle says "In here" -- i'll let you try to figure out what that might mean

thanks for playing!

thanks, glad you liked it :)

thanks again!

thanks for playing!

i could go for some, too

"i wanted to get behind you to see if your head turned all the way around"
there's a reason you can't get behind him ;)

glad you liked it! thanks for playing another game of mine :)

super fun to watch, thanks for the vid & the donation!

thanks for playing!

thanks for the video :)

thanks for playing!

i'm glad :)


I Feel Fantastic community · Created a new topic ha!

this is way too cool. i was hoping there'd be gameplay but either way it's hilarious lol, great work

thanks for playing!

oh man, it'd be hard to say more without giving it away. well, it has something to do with lights in the game. the language used to convey the message can be used visually and audibly, electrically or mechanically. listen to Radioactivity by kraftwerk and you might just find out what it is.

nope, it's all the same metal. the tower falls when you beat the game, not because of rust


thanks! plans for a new game involve short, tight spaces which would probably create that effect. a higher draw distance is kinda necessary so player won't be lost as to where the furnace is when they start, but tight corridors should achieve the same goal

nice idea, an extra distraction or two would be more fun. thanks for playing :)

awesome, thanks for the vid! as for the monsters not dying when you hit them with a toy, it works like this: if the first thing the toy touches when you throw it is a monster, it kills it. otherwise it's not in "throwMode." just a cheap thing i threw together in the code and didn't bother making a more complex system for. with the out of the map glitches, i think it's kinda cool to leave those in for people to find. they don't help you win the game / progress in any way, so i think they're nice lil secrets to find.

oh cool, thanks! i released the game on Jan 9.