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Liption tea is genuinely the worst bottled tea I've ever drank

Hmm, sorry about that, I could've made it more obvious. All you had to do was get in the bus, so you basically won either way :p

I was mostly confused on what my objective was, but I really really thoroughly enjoyed the mood and atmosphere. Great job :)

I really couldn't piece together a story, but I didn't care about that. The art, atmosphere, sound, etc. are all great. Although it might seem pretty random, every part of the world definitely shoots for a certain mood, and delivers it pretty strongly. Awesome game. You're awesome.

Yep, I'll update the page with it too. https://discord.gg/Gfcvaqw

That's great, I love that you guys hand pick the Featured games, and I also think algorithms are important to carry the load that you can't. I feel itch has the perfect mix of human/robot work to keep things fresh.


Hey that's awesome, this is the first review I've seen of it. It's well written too, thanks :D

Hey! Yeah, i couldn't really find a stable ruleset, so I just went with one that looked kinda cool. I'm sure there are ones with either looping or total death, but like I said I haven't found one. If you do, let me know :)

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By golly, you're right! You've opened my mind to what my subconscious created! I didn't even realize those subtleties but they're definitely there! And I'm a guy, btw.

With love,

HawkSandwich (the guy)

Thanks! I'd like to make some more spongebob environments as well!

Wow what a comment. If that's half as genuine as it seems, I'm willing to devote all my time to making spongebob games just for you

Dude yes, fruity pebbles is the best food to eat when watching spingebob

Thanks, love you too


Hey there

Thanks haha! I actually made this because the first one inspired me to ;)

That's awesome! When it's done, you should let me know!

A tutorial would be helpful :/

Oh thanks, I'll do that when I get home.