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you're just mad that you couldn't beat it

Thanks! :)

yep there's gonna be :)

appreciate it, the other games are on my page

thanks for finding it, there's no way i would've known about it from my side

not yet

thanks, and stay tuned because that's coming

pistol bug is fixed in new update, all the weapons are usable now. and thanks for the video!

you have to double-click it

thanks. should be fixed but let me know.

that's supposed to happen after you get the chocolate, there's another way around to get past them. glad you like it :)


oh no sorry, itch wasnt showing me the original posts so i thought you were talking about krusty zombies

development is discontinued but the game is in a fully playable state, go ahead and give it a go if you're interested

go for it, people are still playing these spongebob games like crazy

lol happens all the time doesn't it

thanks guys, always good to hear

thanks! going through some stuff at the moment but i will return to this game as soon as possible :)

the download is replaced with each new version. downloading it now will give you the latest update.

thanks glad you like it!

I love it! Believe it or not this is the first fan art i've ever received :)

glad to hear it!

thanks for posting the first video on it!

Haven’t heard that from anyone else, do you have a program for unzipping archives? WinRAR is probably the most popular for this.

enjoy your official certificate of coolness 

thanks :)

yep i used unity

interesting, thanks for the feedback on such an oldie :)

it's only black and white until you turn the power on, which is a feature i liked from the CoD Ascension zombies map

thanks a lot

Press the red “Download” button on the game page, then if prompted to donate, press the “No thanks, take me to the downloads” link. You’ll be given a .zip file which you will need to unzip. (You probably already have a program for that, but if not download WinRAR or 7zip) then just run the .exe file (the one with the game’s icon)

good to hear, thank you :)

thanks a lot! big changes are in the works.

do it

Glad you like it! Try turning PostProcessing off in the options menu. As for now that's the only performance boost i can recommend, but more advanced options and optimization will come with newer updates.

thanks so much, watching it now!

both are on the way!

thanks a lot :)

glad you think so!!