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The Unexpected Quest

A journey of hammer, magic, and might. · By rionix

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A topic by Talamann created Apr 18, 2019 Views: 232 Replies: 6
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Hey, @rionix, you made a really fun game, so I made a video of me enjoying it. Let me know if this was a poor place to drop the link!


Thanks for playing! Watched with pleasure :) I hope that there will be a video about the fifth chapter. Found a few problems in the gameplay, we will think how to fix it.

By the way, it will be difficult to find the owner of the helmet. He lives in our other game. :)

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Well, not to worry @rionix! I have put together part two of my play through which covers the first half of the fifth level.  Find it here:


I watched the first part of the video, that was fun! The error with the gold resource will be corrected in the next versions. And warriors fight honest - one on one, or almost... :)


Great game having a lot of fun with it and I also have discovered a few things that you probably are aware already of Windows 10 i have to run compatibility mode in order to run in windows 8 otherwise when you click on it nothing happens the game doesn't launch. Also slight cut of scene between chapter 1 and 2 where you dont really see if the zombie gets it or not would be cool for the story to be linear. Very fun game works well and happy to see what you bring to it in the future. Hope you dont mind me sharing my video here.

Thank you for making awesome indie game!



Thank you for playing and for your feedback! We don't have Windows 8, so we didn't test our game on it. We will consider it in the future.


No appologies what I meant to say was I have windows 10 but it would not start in it. I had to run a diagnostic on the game and the compatibility mode that came up as suggested was to start it in windows 8.